Elitecore enables CSPs to target Hospitality Wi-Fi through a Cloud-based Platform

imagesElitecore Technology offering a centralized bundled solution with complete Wi-Fi access infrastructure and internet connectivity on a Managed Services platform.  Apart from hospitality, the Elitecore Wi-Fi SMP solution enables operators cater to different business models such as Enterprise, Residential, Mobile Data Offload, Inter-carrier wholesale, Hotspot and Location aware services.

The solution supports cloud-based model with a single platform to support multiple hotel venues. The Elitecore solution additionally benefits operators with in-built adaptors for leading 11+ hotel PMS systems towards single-largest interoperability thus, addressing a comprehensive global market for hotels, resorts and conference venues. It enables operators with new revenue monetization through selling customized data plans to hospitality segment, incorporating security measures and creating revenue channels through commission-based settlements. It enables several revenue-sharing models between hotels and CSPs such as numbers of PINs generated, vouchers redeemed, commission based on usage, discounted rates for operator’s own subscribers through Mobile Data Offload and more.

Says Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore, “Hotel and conference visitors are a premium, unexplored segment for service providers as almost 95% visitors check for internet availability before booking. Elitecore’s regulatory-compliant solution enables operators to manage the entire hotel Wi-Fi infrastructure and its associated costs while solving present challenges faced by hotels such as additional integration with PMS gateways, unorganized Wi-Fi and recurring costs due to dedicated IT support teams.”

The solution will be entirely managed by the operator with minimal intervention from hotel IT teams which ensures end users can access Wi-Fi with good quality data speed and zero downtime. It also caters to different use case scenarios like check-in, without check-in, multiple users surfing online from the same hotel room and different speed tiers based on customer demand. A key feature of the solution is a Hotel B2B Portal by which hotels can buy PIN vouchers, track and manage usage, numbers of vouchers sold, branding and advertisement etc.