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element14 sizzles with hot Weller soldering tools in Asia-Pacific

New Weller soldering stations and tools from element14 for design, maintenance and repair

element14 has expanded its soldering portfolio with the addition of the WSD 81i soldering station from Weller, a world leader in manual soldering systems. Featuring maximum flexibility and easy operation in a modern housing design, the new WSD 81i has been developed to deliver the maximum flexibility for use in electronics design, production, maintenance and repair, and education.

The Weller WSD81i provides precision and ease of operation and features –
· maximum flexibility for most soldering applications with a total power of 95 watts

· rapid and simple tool change and compatible with many hand tools; tool identification is performed automatically after tool replacement and no calibration is required

· low energy consumption and automatic energy saving mode

· available at http://in.element14.com/2393555

Marc Grange, Head of Product and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific said, “Weller offers a wide range of soldering irons and accessories for diverse requirements, and the WSD81i alone offers nearly 1000 soldering iron and tip combinations. We are delighted to add these multi-tasking tools to our comprehensive product portfolio for our customers who require flexibility, versatility and cost-efficiency.”

In addition, essential products from Weller for design, maintenance, repair and operations include
– versatile battery-powered soldering iron which you can bring anywhere to use on microelectronics to small appliances; dual output ( 450°C/ 510°C switchable), heats fast in 15 seconds; available at sg.element14.com/1489546

– deluxe syringe-dispenser shot meter with digital timer control allows metered shot repeatability for low, medium, high viscosity adhesives, liquids and epoxies; available at sg.element14.com/2407517

– compact benchtop smoke absorber; quiet and effective with high absorption capacity of 1.25m3/minute with three carbon filters; available at sg.element14.com/2426414

– fume extractor; economic solution for volume extraction for up to two workplaces, quick and easy installation in one workplace, creates a safe and healthy environment; available at sg.element14.com/1688999

View over 900 Weller solutions at : http://in.element14.com/weller

Weller WSD 81i

Weller WSD 81i from element14 provides maximum precision and ease of operation

Weller deluxe syringe-dispenser shot meter

Weller deluxe syringe-dispenser shot meter with digital timer control from element14

Marc Grange_element14_It Voice

Marc Grange, Head of Product and Asset Management, element14 Asia-Pacific

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