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element14 launches global campaign to save bees

element14 partners with organizations worldwide to support beekeepers and bee programs through adopting three million bees in the next 12 months

element14 has launched a new campaign aimed at saving bees globally, recognizing the critical role that the insects play in maintaining biodiversity and pollinating plants that provide crops.

Partnering with organizations across the world, the year-long program will support three organizations:

  • The World Bee Project – In addition to protecting native bees in the UK, element14 will empower tribal women in India to learn beekeeping and to harness those skills to make a living using sustainable practices.
  • Planet Bee – In the US, element14 will launch a Bee Heroes grant to support selected beekeepers, individuals and organizations that strive to improve their environment and supporting communities by focusing on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and increasing diversity in agriculture and technology fields. 
  • 3Bee – Through adopting six beehives across Europe, element14 will demonstrate how technology is helping to improve in-hive conditions as the 3Bee app monitors metrics such as humidity, temperature and other key conditions. 

element14 has also committed to adopting a bee every time an order is placed from anywhere in the world as the company aims to fulfill its mission to adopt three million bees worldwide during the next 12 months. 

Bees are pollinators, and pollinators are at the heart of the relationships that bind the natural and human worlds,” said Sabiha Malik, Founder, The World Bee Project CIC. ”Without pollinators, we wouldn’t have any flowering plants and, therefore, no nutritious food crops to feed ourselves; without plants, we wouldn’t have clean air to breathe, and we wouldn’t have healthy soil for agriculture to thrive. That’s not all. Biodiversity would decline dramatically, and our natural environments would be degraded beyond recognition. Life as we know it would end. I founded The World Bee Project because we must all get together and protect bees to protect life itself. “

“We believe that it’s our responsibility to take action and help support bees, which play such a vital role in our ecosystem and global food supply, with one in three spoonfuls of food consumed globally originating as a result of bee pollination,” said Gosia Szemel, Farnell Global Director for Brand. “By supporting element14’s cause, customers across the globe will be contributing to the preservation of the world’s buzziest little helpers and every order placed is a commitment to support the life of a bee.”

In 2022, element14 partnered with charity NearBees to sponsor five beehives in Germany that are home to more than 250,000 bees. Additionally, element14 launched the ‘Save the Bees’ Design Challenge with its element14 Community, which encouraged engineers to save the day for bees using hardware and tech.

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