October 21, 2020

Edimax AirTracker Outdoor Location Tracking Solution Wins iF Product Design Award

Celebrates yet another remarkable year at Computex 2017 by showcasing AirBox success story and award winning AirTracker smart city air-quality monitoring
Edimax Technology, a leading provider of premier networking solutions, a leading smart-connected home solutions provider, is the proud winner of yet another iF product design award. Recognized internationally as a symbol of design excellence, iF award is one of the worlds most celebrated and valued design competitions.
“We are proud & honored to receive ‘iF Product Design Award’ for innovative design award. The award clearly symbolizes our efforts to bring in products with outstanding quality of design, workmanship, environmental compatibility, functionality and innovation,” said Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager at Edimax India. “Edimax will continue its effort to be trend setters, identify future trends, offer service enhancements and fulfill the lives of our consumers through consumer-focused innovations.”
AirTracker: Location Tracking:
The Edimax Air Tracker consists of the AT-101G, a portable outdoor signal receiver alongside the iF award-winning AT-101T, a wearable outdoor tracker and boasts a range of 5km. A single AT-101G portable receiver can detect up to fifty AT-101T wearable trackers and provide real-time positioning of each connected tracker. It is with great honor that Edimax announces the AT-101T portable tracker’s selection by a panel of esteemed judges for the iF product design award 2017, on criteria including design quality, innovation, functionality and ergonomics. The Edimax AirTracker can pinpoint the location of loved ones or any precious item. The solution is ideal for use while camping, hiking or at large amusement parks and can even be used to establish a ‘safe zone’ around homes to monitor children or the elderly.
AirBox: Leading Air-Quality Monitoring Solution:
The success story of Edimax’s AirBox, the world’s leading network and big data total air quality monitoring solution, continues to strengthen. Already deployed in more than 1300 schools, AirBox offers real-time detection of air pollution levels, anywhere, anytime. The AI-2002W, a smart IoT indoor air-quality detector can identify more than ten harmful particulates/substances such as PM2.5, HCHO, CO2 and TVOC. Edimax invites city governments, schools and global citizens to join the AirBox project to collectively raise air-quality awareness and develop more livable cities around the world.