(ECS) Prosperously to Spread out Diverse Applications at CES 2020

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the global leading motherboard, Mini-PC, Notebooks, mobile device, IoT, IoV, and smart solutions provider, is proud to announce the participation of the “2020 CES’’ at Booth No. : 40842, Sands Expo, Level 2, Hall A-D, Las Vegas from January 7 to 10. We will introduce our latest technology and smart application equipment to provide complete solutions for edge computing, digital signage, IoT, IoV, modern classroom and so on.

Versatile Utilization out from Multi-functional Sorts of PCs

ECS is going to kick off CES with much fanfare, firstly announcing the new LIVA Mini PCs and All-in-One PCs adopted in all kinds of situations with our continuous innovation to fulfill the needs of being used in various categories like entertainment, offices, schools, banks, transportation etc. In addition, ECS’s aggressive endeavor on the collaboration and exploration with our partners blossoms this year, and we also keep discovering more potential. A series of successful applications springs up in the scenarios of information KIOSK, retail store, vending machine, hospitality, smart home, public security and children’s safety system. Apart from these successful stories, we dig hard into the product development regarding PID (Public Information Display) market as it’s considered to have promising opportunities. ECS’s LIVA Mini PCs feature exclusive hardware designs and configurations across different platforms for alternatives to satisfy needs. We will launch all-new Premium LIVA series, LIVA Z3 Plus and Z3E Plus, equipped with the latest Intel® 10th Gen Core™ i processors and 802.11ax to support lightning-fast computing performance, and spectacular function delivering the easier way to tackle tasks through the voice commands – built-in Alexa. Moreover, another new LIVA Mini PC series is showcased for pan digital signage from 0.6 L to 1.6 L in size. We add CEC, LTE module, mSIM card slot, multiple display outputs and dual Gigabit LAN in LIVA Q1L, Q1D and DH310 to expand the product coverage. What’s more, LIVA All-in-One PCs are more than computing devices which now can to be widely applied as an all-round system in the market to perfectly fit into different occasions in life for consumer-centric or commercial purposes.

Complete Establishment in the Eco-system of Transportation

The IoT solution is one of the vital business from ECS’s perspective in the future. After a long time in product development, ECS uplifts the products into next level this year to focus on the following categories, smart automotive all-in-one management, logistics and intelligent EV charging system. Base on the previous experiences on Smart Cockpit, ADAS, Fleet Management System, they are now well integrated into a telematics box to execute the activities, and the information is immediately shown on the driver’s console for caution and notice, which simplifies the sophisticated configuration among lots of different devices and also does a great favor to collect and analyze the data easily for the deployment of fleet management. Moreover, to ensure the conditions of the goods in transit and the status of the shipment, smart tag of each package box will transmit the signal and information to the control center via the gateway at intervals. When it comes to futuristic transportation, electric vehicle and energy balance play a significant role. ECS’s smart EV charger conforms with international standard and is ISO 15118 certified to provide the intuitive way for plug-to-charge, and assists to prioritize and optimize the charging process by the examination of the electricity status of vehicles more efficiently. Users can grasp the information by smart handhelds when the vehicles are being charged and all the details and data will at the same time be uploaded and managed remotely through the cloud service without an effort. ECS’s surpassing integration consolidates the cornerstone of IOT solutions and brings about the promising advancement in sight.

Deep Dive to Expend the Educational Territory

ECS’s Smart Classroom solutions succeed to build up a collaborative learning environment through diverse mobile devices, which fabricates a conjunctional web to promote interactive exploration of learning concepts and foster critical thinking and deeper understanding. It closely connects students’ devices, teachers’ devices, wireless access point and interactive whiteboard to achieve intuitive learning experiences that work towards simplifying and improving the entire learning system. With the dedicated peripherals and corresponding software platform – ikES (Inspiring Knowledge Education Software), we walk out of the fundamental construction in the classroom and would like to have this good result penetrated into a bunch of different courses to form a more efficient and teaching-friendly environment by implementing the infrastructure more streamlined planning and efficient reform to achieve effective change. Our technology tools in classroom include students’ PCs, teachers’ PCs, content access point and IFP (interactive Flat Panel) used to facilitate students’ collaboration, creativity and ownership. It effectively enables students to reflect on outcomes, set goals for future progress, and take ownership.

ECS will unveil a new 2-in-1 PC, EH20GM, powered by Intel® Celeron® Gemini Lake for personalized learning on education to ignite a passion for STEM. Our new Windows 10 education device gives schools cutting-edge tools like touch, inking and rotatable camera as well as the learning software, enabling students to use virtual simulations to carry out the scientific experiments, which improve reading comprehension for students of all abilities. Through virtual simulation experimentation, teachers can use game-based learning to engage students in chemistry. Smart Classroom solution leverages our extensive experiences to construct a better world that enhances interactivity and comprehension of learning.

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