January 26, 2021

East Delhi wins the GIGABYTE Cup 2015 Cricket Match

The GIGABYTE Cup 2015 cricket match for channel partners, was held in New Delhi on March 15, 2015.

IMG_0164The two teams in the fray, comprised prominent system integrators (SIs) and resellers of the Delhi region. While the team, East Delhi, was captained by Sushil Kumar Singh Jadon of Altech Technologies; the team, Rest of Delhi, was captained by Manash Kumar of Generation Nxt Compmmart Pvt. Ltd.

East Delhi emerged the winners, taking home the GIGABYTE Cup 2015.

During the event, Vivek Sharma, Regional Manager, GIGABYTE IMG_0173Technology (India), updated the partners on the innovative features of the products – BRIX and GA-J1800M-D2P-IN. BRIX is GIGABYTE’s globally popular, versatile and compact DIY PC kit that available with Intel’s Broadwell processors, covering a range of performance points. GA-J1800M-D2P-IN is a fully integrated motherboard, featuring the Intel® Celeron™ J1800 dual-core processor.

The event was supported by Generation Nxt Compmmart.