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E2E Networks Launches Tir – Jupyter Notebook Framework on E2E Cloud, Empowering Data Scientists to Seamlessly Build and Train AI Models

E2E Networks, the NSE Listed AI-First Hyperscaler, has unveiled Tir – an advanced Jupyter Notebook Framework for Data Scientists, a solution that enables data scientists to effortlessly build and train AI models, eliminating the headaches of deployment, data transfer, Linux administration, and DevOps.

The platform was launched through an event that drew participation from data scientists, CTOs and developers on 8th of June, 2023.

With this powerful addition to their GPU cloud platform, E2E Networks is enabling data scientists working in research labs and organizations with a seamless and efficient environment to expedite the building and training of AI models.

Tarun Dua,  Managing Director at E2E Networks Ltd said, “We are excited to introduce Tir, our innovative platform designed specifically for the esteemed community of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.  Tir simplifies the management of computationally intensive operations performed by Data Scientists, and AI/ML researchers. Tir will eventually make life easier for data scientists and AI professionals. Tir will make it easy for individuals and organisations to adopt an AI-First approach. Tir provides a high level of performance that is both competitive and offers superior value to our esteemed clients.”

The Chief Technology Officer of E2E Networks, Mohammed Imran, further highlighted the outstanding benefits that the Jupyter Framework brings to data scientists.“We envision a future where data scientists, researchers, and engineers can seamlessly collaborate, explore, and build transformative solutions effortlessly.” Imran said. “Our service which includes ease of training on large datasets and inference unlocks new levels of productivity and sets the stage for new developments. With Tir, we have only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Our team is working tirelessly to bring forth more to the table.”

With the launch of the Jupyter Notebook framework on E2E Cloud, E2E Networks solidifies its commitment to delivering industry-leading AI, Data Science and Cloud Computing solutions that empower enterprises and individuals alike. By removing the barriers to entry and accelerating AI development, E2E Networks is poised to catalyze innovation and drive transformative change as India enters the AI era.

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