DOMO Unviels Ambidextrous Mouse, MagicKey L1

domo9-9-13DOMO has unveiled its first ambidextrous optical mouse – DOMO MagicKey L1. DOMO L1 is designed to provide flexibility in working through either hand. It is compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux and Android devices.

The DOMO MagicKey L1 optical mouse provides fine precision and can be used for a variety of applications. It has a smooth matte finish that does not attract stains and finger prints, making it easy to maintain. The MagicKey L1 provides superior grip, to work for longer hours. The MagicKey L1 boasts an ambidextrous design making it easy for both right and left-handed users to use the mouse without any discomfort.  

 Mazher Shaikh, Business Development Manager at DOMO said, “We understand the trend in the market and concentrate on the customers requirement and likes. DOMO L1 mouse will gain its traction due to its ambidextrous nature, comfortable grip and stylish looks. Partners can look forward to bundle this product in there solutions as well, which will very well act as a good value addition to the customers.”