Docvita revolutionising healthcare for all

 IT Voice : What is the vision and USP of DocVita as compared to other players in the same domain?

Mr. Anmol Arora : We are a platform for people to find & connect with verified doctors in their city. When people consult with a doctor online, we offer a clinic visit at no extra cost if the concern cannot be addressed remotely. After the booking of consultation, we ensure a smooth patient experience, and followup.

IT Voice : What are the changes in policies and strategies, the company has initiated to successfully run this                               model?

Mr. Anmol Arora : At DocVita, we have gone wide and invited high-quality medical providers to join the platform. We maintain a strong, diligent and empathetic customer support team. We’re now enabling more of our providers with the DocVita infrastructure to create a seamless patient experience.
Recently, we have also launched the Health Heroes program which is the first of its kind in the country. It offers a rewards program for people from all over India to recommend doctors whose services and care they have personally experienced. When it comes to healthcare, we believe that nothing can beat the power of first-hand experience with a high-quality, empathetic physician. With this program, we aim to tap into the collective spirit of paying good health forward.

IT Voice : Businesses are facing a hard time in India, how much has it affected your company?

Mr. Anmol Arora : The pandemic has given us a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between medical practitioners and patients who have been unable to see each other in person because of the lockdown and the associated fear of infection. We’re proud to stay that we’ve been consistent in our services. Our providers network is now 500 doctors strong, and we’ve managed to help more than 1000 people discover & consult with the right specialist.

IT Voice : What are the expected expansions?

Mr. Anmol Arora : We are currently running a few programs to cover base in more Indian cities and working to connect more patients from tier-II and tier-III cities to specialists on our platform. In the coming months, we expect to see a 10x growth month-on-month.

IT Voice : What is the company’s client base?

Mr. Anmol Arora : People looking for treatment plans for non-emergency conditions and second opinions, consultations with specialists for health concerns which also includes issues that need to be handled with utmost confidentiality and delicacy like mental health issues and women’s health. Our client base is largely located in Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Indore.

IT Voice : Is the company planning any major collaboration, if any name it?

Mr. Anmol Arora : There are a few in the pipeline but they are not at a stage to be disclosed yet. Hopefully soon!