Digital marketing trends that can help businesses in 2022

Digital marketing trends that can help businesses in 2022

Digital marketing trends that can help businesses in 2022

During the Covid-19 epidemic, digital marketing allowed us to stay in contact with our consumers. For entrepreneurs, digital marketing platforms such as social media advertising help them to connect customers for a fraction of the cost they would have spent on traditional marketing methods.

Preetha Athrey, Head of Marketing, Twitter India said “We’ve seen more and more artists, experts and everyday creators leverage the social space to channel their creative instincts — so creator content, especially in the social audio space, is an exciting area to look forward to. We continue to see an increase in regional conversations. People are engaging more with culturally relevant content in their preferred language, and this trend is only going to continue to track upwards in 2022.”

Sumit Gupta, Founder Viral Pitch said “Influencer Marketing is going to be much more impactful than it is already. One of the most exciting trends to look forward to will be the impact of nano influencers in this domain, where they will have bigger and plum opportunities to create interesting content across platforms with bigger brands. Since people are no longer looking to buy a product or a service, rather they buy relations, stories, connections, and MAGIC. Influencer Marketing will do just that and more”

“For brands, this will be an incredible opportunity to boost their engagement in the most organic way. People want to see the outcome of the brand’s offerings. And this newfound buzz trend excites them, they would love buying and seeing more of what you can offer in a non-traditional way. This is hands-down the best and the most telling way to show the outcome of your product in a believable and creative way. In the year 2022, storytelling and creativity in influencer marketing will prevail unhindered. The strategies will be on the tremendous rise and brands too wouldn’t be settling for anything less than a stellar performance”

Sony Kunwar-Sr. Vice President- Windsor Digital said “As with every year, technology and data will largely drive marketing activities this year too. This New Year, does anyone want the same old story? With the advent of the game-changing Metaverse, the mysteries of NFTs, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency are ready to be unlocked. Marketing is more than ready to discard the old format and to enter a new phase. This is a change we will all be witnesses to and be a part of. Windsor Digital also expects to contribute positively to this change. We look forward to branding, marketing, and advertising done with a new twist this year for our clients and consumers”

Nikhil Gandhi, COO – MX Media said “We’ve already seen a rapid increase in the adoption of short videos by consumers and this will continue to exponentially grow in the New Year as well. Nano/ micro-influencers are likely becoming the new mainstream in 2022. The industry will further witness the advent of progressive, coming-of-age content in 2022. This will eventually provide a major boost to both long-form content makers in the OTT ecosystem as well as the Indian short video industry, with more players making a debut in this space and the existing ones will grow to become big players.”

Kanav Singla, CEO & Founder, Metadome (Formerly Adloid): In the post-pandemic world, the consumer demand for transparency and convenience has led to a significant surge in the use of AR. AR ensures an immersive experience to the customers while also ensuring their safety as they don’t need to step out of the comforts of their home. With the new COVID variant – Omnicron spreading at an alarming rate, AR has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

In addition to that, AR increases the product’s accessibility beyond the geographic and demographic boundaries. The new-age technology has helped businesses open up avenues for alternate sales channels by providing virtual product experiences to their customers. This further carves the path for better customer engagement and greater conversion rates.

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