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Digital Marketing Agency Ivyclique Rebrands to “WeInvert”

Ivyclique, a leading digital marketing agency, has officially rebranded itself as WeInvert. This strategic rebrand reflects the company’s evolution and its commitment to a more targeted creative direction. WeInvert’s renewed focus revolves around delivering tailored and innovative solutions within distinct niches in the creative industry.

The essence of this rebranding lies in aligning WeInvert’s identity with its core philosophy of embracing “inverted perspectives” to craft unconventional creative solutions. By adopting this approach, WeInvert seeks to address marketing challenges with fresh insights, catering to the ever-changing needs of brands.

“In today’s competitive landscape, continuous reinvention is crucial for businesses and creative agencies alike,” said Mr Anjan Purandare, Founder & CEO, WeInvert. “Even established marketing giants, like FMCG companies, are seeking unique and customised approaches to solve their creative challenges. We believe WeInvert, as a young and highly skilled niche agency, is perfectly positioned to deliver exceptional creative outputs and achieve desired results for our diverse clients.”

Further elaborating on the brand identity, the WeInvert C-Suite defines the agency as “a new-age boutique creative ad agency that exclusively employs the ‘inverted perspectives’ methodology (#SkipTheUsual) to develop innovative solutions for our clients’ creative problems”.

The company has also proactively communicated these recent changes and upcoming developments to all existing stakeholders through various communication channels.

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