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Digi Yatra abruptly transitions users to a new app without prior notice, leading to dissatisfaction among users

Users of the Digi Yatra app were caught off guard when the older version of the application, available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, suddenly ceased functioning without prior notice. This unexpected development left users in a state of confusion, prompting them to download a new application from their respective app stores. However, reports suggest that the transition to the new app has not been seamless, further exacerbating users’ frustrations.

Numerous users took to various platforms to voice their grievances regarding the abrupt switch to the new app and expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from the DigiYatra Foundation. Many questioned why the old app was not updated instead of forcing users to switch to a completely new platform. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the security of public data stored within the app.

One user expressed disappointment over the lack of communication from the DigiYatra Foundation, stating that the switch to the new app was executed without sufficient advertisement or notice. Another user criticized the new app for its glitches and expressed concerns about the security implications, particularly considering the sensitive biometric data stored within the application.

Another user emphasized the importance of effective communication from the platform, suggesting that DigiYatra should have notified users about the transition to the new app through push notifications within the old app. Additionally, they suggested providing a direct link to download the new app within the old application to streamline the transition process.

A user left a review on the new app’s Play Store listing, highlighting the confusion caused by the sudden change and the issues with the new app. They noted that only the picture upload feature was functional in the new app, while other functionalities, such as uploading PDFs, remained non-functional.

In response to user complaints, the Digi Yatra team issued explanations regarding the challenges faced with push notifications due to the old app being on a different domain. They assured users that their team was actively working to address these challenges and thanked users for their feedback.

Furthermore, the Digi Yatra team clarified that the transition to the new app was necessitated by changes in the domain, and the old app had been deprecated as a result.

In terms of next steps for users, the official Digi Yatra account provided additional instructions for users to resume using the service. Additionally, a pop-up notification was released on the Digi Yatra website, informing users about the ongoing backend system upgrades and advising them to follow manual processes at airports during the transition period. However, the pop-up did not explicitly mention the transition to the new application.

Overall, users of the Digi Yatra app have expressed frustration over the lack of communication and the challenges associated with the transition to the new app. As the Digi Yatra team works to address these issues, users are advised to follow the provided instructions to ensure a smooth transition and continued access to the service.

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