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Delta IT Network expands Syrma SGS’s EMS Lines
Delivers Rs 6 Cr of HP Compute Products racking over 1,500 units
for the augmentation

The Delhi NCR-based IT Solutions Enterprise, Delta IT Network has recently provided 1,500 units of Hewlett Packard (HP) compute products to Syrma SGS Technologies for expanding their EMS production lines.

The deal between Gurugram based Delta IT Network and Syrma SGS Technology, an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company is estimated at Rs. 6 Crore for the necessary augmentations.

While speaking to newsman Vikrant Diwan, VP – Delta IT Networks said `Syrma SGS Technologies has an invincible R&D team with over 300 strong employees. They have facilities at Gurugram, Manesar, Noida and one at South India.”  

Expressing satisfaction Diwan shared – Syrma SGS is into the manufacturing & designing of electronics products and one-stop-solution electronics manufacturing services (EMS) includes product design, quick prototyping, PCB assembly. They are empowering the Make in India concept and establishing multiple plants in India. Their electronic manufactured products and electronic chips are sold to several global OEMs.

Syrma SGS has been on an expansion drive and has established 7 – 8 plants in North India under the new name “Syrma SGS Technologies”.

Diwan continued -“ Syrma SGS is very happy with HP machines since they have been using them for long. HP has upgraded their machines from time to time making it compatible with their rapidly evolving technologies. We have been sourcing all needed HP products from National Distributor Iris Global, with whom our HP business exclusively stands.”

“Delta IT Networks have been serving them since a decade as their Complete Technology Partner. We are supplying hardware and have established their various plants with all necessary Network Infrastructure, Endpoint solutions like Crowd Strike, Data Storage NAS from HPE, and Backup solutions like CommVault,” Diwan explained.

“While everyone is doing reactive business, Delta’s follows a proactive one. We have in place a MoU with “HP” the main computer supplier company and the client “Syrma SGS .
We have been assigned a contract for the upcoming fiscal, where by as a value adding partner – Delta shall invest up to 1Cr to maintain ready stocks for their mission critical applications” Diwan said. 

In expansion of Syrma SGS, Delta IT Networks has played a vital role in handling their IT Tech infrastructures.

“We are always at a ready state, to promptly supply Syrma SGS for their immediate, critical and upfront requirement any time they need” said Pooja Makkar, Key Account Manager who have been engaged for the last couple of years, playing a vital role in their business.

Sharing further Mr. Sanjeev Kher, VP – Corporate Supply Chain, Syrma SGS said “Delta has won the trust of our company, they have been providing focused solution on immediate basis for our EMS lines. Delta is the right choice who can serve us, any time.”

Mr. Deepanshu Chauhan, CEO, Delta IT Network emphasised “Delta is a value centric organization which focuses on Innovations & Client Satisfaction for their IT Infrastructures. Syrma SGS is one our esteemed client with whom we work very closely. We are looking forward to engage in their upcoming business endeavours.”

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