Dell reiterates its efforts to make PC “A Foundation Device”

ritu-gupta-director-marketing-dell-india-300x300Dell India has once again reiterated its belief that the Personal Computer can be a foundation device to equip the workforce of the future with skill and learning as well as the potential to excel in a knowledge economy like India. Dell believes the PC is the hub of creation, and is the ideal companion device in holistic growth for an individual. This declaration comes in the background of Dell’s PC Literacy Days campaign in commemoration of the annual World Computer Literacy Day on December 2, and is an initiative by the company to enhance knowledge across the country around PC adoption and the optimal use of PC technology. It strives to aid awareness around security, reliability and productivity as the key parts of incorporating PC technology into everyday life.

Dell is keen on developing a comprehensive understanding of a diverse technology user base in a knowledge economy like India, with the intent to maximize the potential for PC usage for customers with unique technology needs. Earlier this year, Dell commissioned the “PC User Trends of Emerging India” which revealed that youth and students would form the core user group which will fuel growth in pan-India PC adoption, as aspiring young minds embrace technology as a key component of individual growth and development. The study revealed the existing attitudes of Indians towards the PC in the tier-I to tier-IV towns in the country, complementing the extensive customer engagement Dell has undertaken in its bid to bridge the digital divide in a country where household PC penetration stands at just under 10%.

As part of this customer outreach programme, Dell concluded its first-ever parenting community outreach programme in New Delhi with presence from a number of technologically-inclined parents who believe that the PC has an important role to play in the overall development of their child. The event was designed in the form of a panel discussion such that the parenting community – constituting mothers who are also active online influencers – was offered a platform to come together and share their views on the use of technology in their child’s life. The panel included experts from the fields of both, technology and education offering practical and subjective perspective on the matter, based on their experience. The panel was moderated by Ritu Gupta, Director – Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India.

Keeping this in mind, the attendees at the panel discussion spoke around the theme, “The gateway to new-age learning and overall development of young children – The Personal Computer” and shared their experiences and views on “new-age” parenting. A key takeaway from the conversation was on how the Indian parents have to be open to move away from conventional routes of learning. The discussion concluded with the consensus that both parents and educators are cognizant of the scope for the PC to transform the way a student learns, and its potential to contribute to holistic growth for an individual. That said, the attendees and panel were also in agreement that, despite this understanding, there is scope for a large audience to fully utilize PC technology and that platforms such as the one hosted by Dell, can prove to be instrumental in collaboration between various influencers in the lives of students.

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