Dell Launches Cloud-Based Healthcare Solution


Dell Services has launched a cloud-based solution that delivers integrated clinical and financial systems for healthcare providers in India.

Dell is collaborating with Ubq Technologies and Ramco Systems for the solution. Ubq’s Hospital Information System (HIS) solution, Medics, will serve as the frontend application for patient-centric activities and will integrate with Ramco ERP on Cloud to provide customers with enterprise applications on the cloud.

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the solution allows healthcare providers to quickly respond to increasing demands of infrastructure and storage, and train staff without huge capital investments and recurrent readiness costs, Dell said.

Targeted at mid-sized hospitals, large hospital chains and clinic networks, the solution provides instant access to uniform workflows and customized reports across entities and geographies, thus reducing operational complexity and dependency on paper records.

With this solution, end-users (physicians, nurses and back office staff) can access cloud-based applications and reports through a browser, even on their smart phones.

Sid Nair, Vice President and Global General Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Dell Services, said, “The solution is truly one of a kind in terms of its capabilities, delivery model and pricing. We believe that this will be a game changer for the Indian healthcare industry, where hospitals are constrained by huge upfront capital investments, and higher cost of licensing, maintenance and support.”

Dr Ashwin Naik, Founder and CEO, Vaatsalya, India’s first hospital network focused on tier-2 and -3 towns said, “As hospitals and providers expand their operations with new referral centers, facilities, and acquisitions in new geographies, the need to access, integrate and connect these disparate systems is gaining importance. Cloud-based technology has the potential to address most of the IT-related issues—access to the right information at the right time and operational efficiency, among others. More importantly it is affordable, scalable and flexible.”

“There is a seismic shift happening in the global healthcare industry,” said Sudhanshu Bhandari, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research. “The ability to create an information infrastructure that brings together the micro level of personalized health and the macro level of epidemiologic mappings to institutional quality and evidence-based practices will be a key differentiator for healthcare providers in future. Cloud-based end-to-end business services would help healthcare companies jump start these business initiatives and collaborat

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