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Dell introduces the Alienware Aurora R16 desktop featuring a compact design and the latest generation internal components, with a starting price of Rs 1,59,990

Dell’s Alienware introduces the Aurora R16, an expanded addition to its desktop lineup, offering configurations with both 13th and 14th-generation Intel processors. Users can customize it with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, and Dell has enhanced the thermal solution for quieter operations and lower temperatures. The improved cooling system includes a larger air intake, resulting in a claimed 20% reduction in noise, 10% lower CPU temperature, and 6% lower GPU temperature.

The Aurora R16 boasts a 40% smaller chassis compared to the Aurora R15, maintaining the same size volume. It incorporates the Alienware Legend 3.0 design and the revamped Alienware Command Center, making their desktop debut on the R16.

Pujan Chadha, Director for Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business at Dell Technologies India, emphasized the desktop’s innovative features, stating that the Aurora R16 broadens the gaming arsenal, enhances accessibility for consumers, and provides new opportunities for a wider range of players due to its pricing, efficient design, and improved ventilation.

The design of the Aurora R16 aims to improve airflow efficiency while preserving the distinctive Legend styling of Alienware. Key specifications include support for up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, 13th and 14th Gen Intel Core desktop processors, Wi-Fi 6 (or 6E), 2.5Gbps Ethernet for wired and wireless connections, up to 32GB of 5600 MT/s DDR5 Memory, and 1TB of SSD storage. The power supplies are 80 Plus Platinum rated, available in 500W or 1000W options.

The Alienware Aurora R16 is set to be available for purchase at Dell.com, Dell Exclusive Stores, Amazon, and select multi-brand stores, starting at a price of Rs 1,59,990.

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