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Delhi passenger falls victim to Uber driver’s deception, pays double fare due to fabricated screenshot

A recent incident in Delhi highlights the vulnerability of app-based cab services as a passenger fell victim to a duplicitous Uber driver, who manipulated a screenshot to charge double the fare. Shared widely on Reddit and later reported by MoneyControl, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for passengers to remain vigilant while using such services.

The victim, accompanied by his father, booked an Uber ride from Indira Gandhi International Airport to their residence. Initially quoted a fare of Rs 340 on the app, upon reaching the destination, the driver demanded Rs 648, citing additional waiting charges. To justify the inflated fare, the driver presented a screenshot displaying a higher amount. Reluctant to engage in confrontation late at night, the passenger acquiesced and paid the inflated fare. However, harboring suspicions, he discreetly captured a photo of the driver’s phone screen and later reached out to Uber’s customer support for recourse.

Upon investigation, it was confirmed that the driver had indeed deceived the passenger, prompting Uber to issue a partial refund. The victim underscored the importance of trusting only the fare displayed on the app and warned fellow users to exercise caution. He speculated that the driver may have utilized a fake app to manipulate payment details, a sentiment echoed by others who shared similar experiences in the comments section.

Another Reddit user, under the pseudonym ‘Every_Description_34,’ recounted a similar encounter involving their parent nearly falling victim to a scam orchestrated by an Uber driver. Alleging widespread fraudulent practices, particularly prevalent among drivers operating outside the IGI Airport in Delhi, the user highlighted instances where drivers presented fabricated payment screenshots, often attributing the inflated fares to parking charges.

Meanwhile, in Bengaluru, a Google software engineer named Raj Vikramaditya recounted a troubling encounter with an Uber driver who displayed hostile behavior. Following a request to cease speaking on loudspeaker, the driver abruptly demanded Vikramaditya and his friend exit the vehicle, leaving them stranded in the middle of the road. Prompting a response from Uber India after Vikramaditya shared his ordeal on X (formerly Twitter), the incident underscores the need for improved mechanisms to address in-ride issues. Vikramaditya proposed the introduction of app features enabling passengers to report issues such as non-functional air conditioning and driver misconduct, with enforcement aided by AI verification.

In conclusion, these incidents shed light on the challenges faced by passengers when using app-based cab services, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and advocating for enhanced accountability measures within the industry.

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