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Datacultr’s AI-ML Platform Facilitates Record Loan Disbursal of Rs 3,600 Crores, Marking a 288% YoY Growth

Datacultr, a pioneer in Risk Management and Digital Debt Collection, enabled banks and financial institutions to disburse loans totaling Rs 3,600 crores in the quarter ending December 2023, marking a substantial 288% year-over-year growth compared to Rs 1,250 crores in the same period last year.

Datacultr, renowned for its industry-leading AI-ML platform in the financial sector, is thrilled to announce a significant leap in the lending industry in the quarter ending December. The platform’s innovative approach has been instrumental in the disbursal of nearly Rs 3,600 crores in loans, primarily to new and thin-file credit customers. This achievement not only highlights a 288% increase compared to the same quarter last year but also underscores Datacultr’s role in narrowing the credit gap and enhancing financial accessibility.

The surge in loan disbursements is a testament to Datacultr’s agility and the trust it has garnered within the industry. The AI-ML platform has revolutionized credit risk management, particularly for new-to-credit segments, by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology has significantly optimized loan application evaluation, leading to more efficient and reliable lending practices.

Datacultr’s advanced algorithms and innovative tools in debt collection have empowered lenders to make informed decisions while managing risks effectively. This breakthrough has instilled a high level of confidence and trust among financial institutions in Datacultr’s risk management capabilities.

Neel Juriasingani, CEO of Datacultr, expresses pride in this significant milestone, “This remarkable growth in loan disbursals through our platform is a testament to Datacultr’s impact in transforming the lending landscape. We are committed to enhancing financial inclusivity and supporting institutions in extending seamless credit access to individuals and small businesses.”

Looking ahead, Datacultr remains dedicated to innovating and driving positive change in the lending industry. The company is focused on developing state-of-the-art solutions to empower financial institutions in making informed lending decisions, thereby reducing risks and promoting financial inclusion.

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