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Databricks Announces Agreement to Acquire Einblick, an AI-focused Data Platform

Databricks continues to expand its capabilities with the recent acquisition, enabling it to further fuel the mission of democratising data and AI, including for non-expert users

Databricks, the data and AI company, today announced its acquisition of Einblick, an AI-focused data platform that provides data teams with an agile workflow to swiftly explore data, build predictive models, deploy data apps and enables users to solve data problems using natural language.

The Einblick team has pioneered state-of-the-art techniques for translating natural language questions into the code, charts and models needed to generate insights. These capabilities will be instrumental in fuelling Databricks’ mission of enabling organisations to democratise data intelligence and create the next generation of data and AI applications with quality, speed and agility.

“When we founded Einblick, our goal was to empower companies to do more with data, by creating the easiest and most collaborative data platform,” says Emanuel Zgraggen, CEO and co-founder of Einblick. “Today marks a significant milestone as we join forces with Databricks to further our mission. I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with a company whose mission is to simplify and democratise data and AI.”

Ali Ghodsi, Databricks CEO and co-founder said “We’re thrilled to welcome Emanuel, Philipp and the talented Einblick team to Databricks. Like us, they believe that organisations need to deeply leverage data and AI to be successful in this new age. We look forward to incorporating Einblick’s innovative, AI-native approach directly into the Databricks platform, enabling organisations to democratise data intelligence and create the next generation of data and AI applications with quality, speed and agility.”

Einblick was founded by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brown University, whose research explored the boundary of Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, and Natural Language Processing. The Einblick team has spent the last four years building an AI-native collaboration platform that helps users solve data problems with just one sentence. By joining forces with Databricks, the ideas behind Einblick can be more powerfully extended through deep integration with the underlying data catalogue.

This move comes on the heels of several other acquisitions Databricks made over the past year:

This past October, Databricks acquired Arcion, a leading provider of real-time data replication technologies.
In late June, it acquired MosaicML, a prominent generative AI platform, at a transaction value of $1.9 billion (USD $1.3 billion).
Earlier that month on 13 June, Databricks acquired Rubicon, a startup working on building storage systems for AI.
Before that, in May, it acquired Okera, the world’s first AI-centric data governance platform.

This strategic expansion aligns with Databricks’ overarching vision of making large-scale model training more accessible to enterprises of all sizes, allowing them to create AI applications that understand their data.

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