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Data Privacy Day: AI has put data privacy top of mind in 2024

Neil Thacker, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) EMEA, Netskope:

“Last year was a rocketship year for AI innovation, and advancements are already reshaping industries and redefining the way businesses think and operate. The integration of AI into countless operational tasks has allowed businesses to make faster decisions, further automate processes, and better predict behavior with remarkable efficiency.

However, the rise of AI also raised inevitable questions around data privacy and made clear the need to safeguard sensitive information. As regulators rush to catch up with the pace of innovation, data privacy is high on the agenda for 2024 and businesses must be proactive to ensure they are not exposing sensitive or proprietary data to unnecessary risk via third party AI apps and integrations.

Fortunately, many data protection issues caused by AI use can also be solved with the help of AI. Businesses should start by mobilising AI and machine learning tools within their security stack to ensure data is protected across four areas: sensitive data categorisation, employee training, data loss prevention and threat detection.”

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