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Data Privacy Day 2024: Industry leaders’ insights

Mr. Ripu Bajwa, Director and General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies India

“Data privacy is every business’ top priority, as we move into an increasingly digital and connected world. This necessitates the need to protect our data from any potential cyber threats. Data Privacy Day is a reminder to pay attention towards safeguarding personal information in our interconnected digital lives. Need of the hour for organizations is to ensure effective cybersecurity measures are in place, as it’s becoming even more important in the times of digital transformation, cloud computing and remote work expansion. Organizations need to implement a holistic approach towards developing and implementing robust cyber security and data protection strategies.

With the continuous rise in cyber threats and organizations increasingly turning to public cloud solutions, hybrid working models and generative AI, the risk of cybersecurity has only heightened globally as well as in India. The recent Dell 2024 GDPI research report has spotlighted serious concerns on cybersecurity, where customers are worried about their existing data protection measures more than ever. As per the GDPI report, 64% of the organizations in India are confident against the data protection measures adopted by them to safeguard their existing data needs. Additionally, 27% of the organizations in India are adopting Zero trust strategy to safeguard their IT infrastructure.”

Anant Deshpande, DigiCert – Regional Vice President, India & SAARC

“In the era of digital transformation, information is the currency of progress. In the current landscape, securing sensitive data is not merely a compliance measure but a strategic imperative for any organization. As we prepare to combat evolving cyber threats, DigiCert stands as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes, fortifying the foundations of Digital Trust. We work towards integrating future-ready security frameworks for Indian businesses. We also highlight how the foundation of data protection is not just about safeguarding information; it is about empowering entities to unleash their full potential securely.

Data Privacy Day serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of Digital Trust. As we celebrate Data Privacy Day, let us recognize that Digital Trust is the cornerstone of progress. DigiCert, with its unwavering commitment to security, paves the way for Indian businesses to not just survive, but thrive in the digital realm. Embracing robust encryption and cutting-edge technologies, we propel businesses towards a future where innovation and security converge and serve as catalysts for an environment where digital trust becomes synonymous with progress.”

Scott Register, VP Security Solutions, Keysight Technologies

“When it comes to data privacy and safeguarding data, many of us immediately consider the risks presented by bad actors when it comes to our networks, data and endpoint devices. However, it is imperative that businesses champion a robust cybersecurity practice that includes both security and risk management. While security aims to put technology and tools in place that prevent a breach, risk management is focused on minimizing the risk and potential damage.

Security solutions alone are not always enough, and businesses need to ensure this is complimented with rigorous data encryption, and ongoing education in order to address data privacy with a holistic view. This proactive approach empowers individuals and organizations to fortify their digital presence. In a landscape where data propels innovation and fuels progress, the mantle of protecting privacy becomes a shared duty.

Keysight acknowledges the critical role of ensuring the security of digital ecosystems, which calls for a collective commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data privacy. At Keysight, our dedication is unwavering in establishing and preserving trust with stakeholders through ethical data handling, transparent policies, and cutting-edge security measures. Through collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and an unyielding commitment to privacy, Keysight envisions a future where individuals and businesses can leverage technology’s benefits with confidence, ensuring that data is safeguarded. On this Data Privacy Day, let us champion the cause of digital trust, reinforcing the groundwork for a connected world where data privacy is not merely a principle but a shared reality.”

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