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D-Link Corp and TeamF1 Networks Announce Partnership to launchmydlink Business

D-Link and TeamF1 Networks partner to delivercloud-based device management platformand cloud based 802.11ac Access Points, DBA-1000 Series Access Points, for smallandmedium-sized businesses.

Dlink_logoD-Link Corp (“D-Link”),a global leader in connectivity for home, enterprise, and service providers, and TeamF1 Networks (“TeamF1”), a subsidiary of D-Link India Ltd (“D-Link India”) anda leader in embedded networking and security software solutions for wired and wireless applications, announced their partnership in delivering mydlink Business, a cloud-based device management platform featuring ease, value, and scalabilityfor smallandmedium-sized businesses (“SMB”). The business cloud platform is specifically designed to suit the operation and workflow models of system integrators (“SI”), value-added resellers (“VAR”), and telcos/ISPs.
D-Link has built and operated one of the largest home device management cloud platform, mydlink™, which has managed millions of consumer devices across the globe for more than seven years.TeamF1 has developed and licensed its holistic network security software stack, TFOS™ (pronounced as “t-force”), for enterprise and SMB leaders for the past fifteen years.In the past two years, D-Link and TeamF1 jointly developedan innovative multi-tenant, multi-purposecloud-based device management platform, mydlink Business, to satisfy needs for secured network access and premises surveillance forglobal chain stores, regional SI/VARs, and telco/ISP-based smart home, office, and city offerings.
Today, with the advancement of networking technologies and the increase of network security threats, business owners increasingly depend on their trusted partners, e.g., managed service providers or telco/ISP, to set up and manage secured networks for them.Telcos/ISPs, for the sake of customers’ satisfaction and reducing operating expenditure, are looking up toexperienced network security vendors for scalable solutions that are secure, rapid to deploy, and able to reducetheir truck rolls. “The D-Link multi-tenant, multi-purpose mydlink Businessplatform was purposely built to address these needs. Itshierarchical multi-tenant architecture accommodatesneeds of different types of operators, e.g., telco/ISP, SI, VAR, or even store owners, and the multi-purpose service framework enables add-on services, ranging from business BYOD, secured remote access, hospitality, hotspot, to business intelligence.” said Dr. Ted Kuo, CEO and Chairman of TeamF1. “We are excited to be part of this jointproject. Our engineering teams in Silicon Valley and Hyderabad have been working closely with D-Link wireless devices team and cloud solution DevOp team from concept development to early customers’ engagement.”
The first batch of managed devices that work withmydlink Business is the DBA-1000 series 802.11ac dual-band business access points (“AP”).These APs could be physically located on different premises but under the same administrator’s management. By leveraging virtually unlimited resources in the cloud, mydlink Businesscould serve millions of devices, storeaccess logs, analyze and learn from collected data.
“mydlink Businessand DBA-1000 APs are ideal solutions for telcos/ISPs to manage chain stores or satellite offices across large geographic regions.” saidMr. Tushar Sighat, CEO of D-Link India.“Our new cloud-based solutions mydlink Business and DBA-1000 series provide simple and smart wireless network management that can help expand businesses and their networks.” said Mr. Douglas Hsiao, CEO and Vice Chairman, D-Link.
Mydlink Business and DBA-1210P are available for sampling in May 2017 and scheduled to be generally available in the beginning of Q3, 2017.

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