Cyient Launches Empowering Tomorrow Together.

 Cyient is an engineering and technology solutions company globally known. It announced an initiative “Empowering Tomorrow Together”. This initiative will not only strengthen Cyient’s position as a purpose-driven brand but will also expand the impact of the Cyient Foundation’s outreach programs. The initiative will leveraging synergies, help in resource optimization, and ensure a massive impact across all sustainability and CSR focus areas.

This initiative follows Cyient’s corporate brand promise of  “Designing Tomorrow Together”. This will mainly help to build a lasting relationship with the stakeholders and empower them to make a difference for the better. It will cover different activities under four major areas of education, digital literacy, social innovation and community developement.

Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Executive Chairman and Founder, Cyient, said that at Cyient, they strongly believe the actual parameter of progress for an organization is based on the amount of positive impact it has on the society. For the last few years, Cyient Foundation has been fulfilling all it’s long-term commitment by providing quality education, healthcare programs and environment-focused projects.They hope to impact the local communities by touching their life and making a difference in it in a positive way.

Mr. Krishna Bodanapu, MD & CEO, Cyient, said that Cyient has always taken steps and measure to ensure a positive change and outcome for all its stakeholders.  Their CSR philosophy  impacts the society at large to their Diversity and Inclusion principles which focuses on creating a collaborative workplace that will not only support diverse thinking but also inspire people to reach their maximum potential.