Cybersecurity to be the most promising sector post pandemic.

 Filip Cotfas, Channel Manager, CoSoSys in one of his article writes about the changing times and changing trends due to this pandemic situation. He stated that the current pandemic situation has forced people to work remotely.All the business,organizations and big companies have reduced their workforce and the entire process is happening online.This newly forced process of work is vulnerable to security threats,malicious attacks,data breaches and unauthorized access.Therefore “online-security” is of utmost importance for every organization currently.

Previously,the entire organization was under one platform secured with one firewall.Now due to remote access,this has scattered into multiple endpoints and the defense mechanisms have to cover more number of systems.The security experts are trying to intercept the threats but it’s quite clear that the data or the PC or the simple email in this connected world is highly vulnerable be it a SMEs or a large enterprise.

The pandemic will continue to increase cyber threats. These crisis are the moments from which we should learn lessons and adopt new strategies and supporting technologies to improve our digital economy and technological infrastructure.

Due to increase in cyber threats and internet penetration the enterprises are investing heavily in cyber security tools.The companies are implementing new infrastructure,network security solutions,endpoint protection and Data Loss Prevention software. Post pandemic the online security tools will experience a dramatic rise across different sectors like healthcare,insurance,BSFI and many more. Covid-19 will elevate the need and definition of cyber security.Cyber Security will become a big promising sector with increasing opportunities and growth plans. 

 About Filip Cotfas, Channel Manager, CoSoSys:

Filip Cotfas has an imposing background in sales and project managementFilip`s main responsibility was to handle the existing Customer portfolio, as well as to acquire additional revenue streams.He has developed sales strategies for his markets and built a successful relationship with channel partners. Filip`s primary objective is to help the  businesses overcome their security challenges and protect their sensitive information.