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Cybersecurity startup WiJungle aims to hire 120+ people in the midst of layoffs in the upcoming 6 month

WiJungle – the world’s first Unified Cyber Security Platform has announced its strategic hiring plans amid the ‘Great layoff’ wave. The company plans to hire more than 120 professionals across different levels in the coming 6 months.

According to the stats – over 27000 people lost their jobs per day in 2023. Fierce global competition, aftermath of the covid pandemic and rapid technological advancements are contributing to the pivoted layoffs. As companies everywhere – from small startups to large enterprises are evolving digitally, the need to address the demand for robust cybersecurity infrastructure becomes imperative.

As a customary response to the burgeoning need creating a safe, secure and protected infrastructure, the AI and Machine Learning based security platform announces the strategic decision to add more than 120 professionals across all departments, primarily in sales & associated ops, engineering and support in 2023.

Mr Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of WiJungle

Commenting on the team expansion plans, Mr Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of WiJungle said, “We have been consciously expanding to capture the market demand. The addition of new team members will help the organization to launch new products and achieve the targeted topline.”

In a short span since inception, WiJungle has been making strides in the Indian cybersecurity space. The ICSA Labs Firewall Certified platform has attained global acceptance and overcomes the gap between global organizations and homegrown (Make In India) products, transcending the strong bias in international markets against local innovations.

The platform has recorded an average growth rate of 300% YoY. It has built a strong team of technology driven professionals and with the recently announced hiring plans, the headcount will reach 240 in 2023.

The cybersecurity platform overcomes the management and scalability challenges that reduce the capital investment of an organization by up to 60 percent. Its major traction comes from SMBs and the Government

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