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CyberRes Supports Cybersecurity Awareness Month to Sound the Alarm on Digital Security and Encourage Personal Data Protection

CyberRes, a Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) line of business, today announced its renewed commitment to Cybersecurity Awareness Month as an official National Cybersecurity Alliance “Champion Organization” for the ever-growing global effort to promote awareness of online safety and privacy.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champions Program is a collaborative effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals committed to the Cybersecurity Awareness Month theme. Cyber resilience happens when individuals become more educated on what more they can do while at the same time relying on organizations to deploy the tools and processes that layer security and are ready to respond and recover in cases where it is needed for business continuity.

This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber” with one of the major goals focusing on what individuals can do to protect data. The key areas of focus are:

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication
  • Using strong passwords and a password manager
  • Updating software
  • Recognizing and reporting phishing
John Delk, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security, CyberRes

“Massive data breaches and hackers are often occupying the news headlines, which makes it seem like little can be done at the individual level. This year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is educating people on how they can empower themselves to protect data and enhance digital security,” said John Delk, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security, CyberRes. “As a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, CyberRes is in a strong position to provide individuals and companies with the tools and professional services to help them maintain cyber resiliency.”

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, CyberRes will have a number of activities to educate people about cybersecurity. These events kick off on Oct. 5 with CyberRes participating in the SecTor 2022 Conference in Toronto where CTO Stephan Jou will present From the Field – Stories of Successfully Detecting Cyber Attacks on Oct. 6.

Planned CyberRes activities for Cybersecurity Awareness include:

  • Oct. 5-6: SecTor 2022
    • Booth S420
    • Speaking Session: “From the Field – Stories of Successfully Detecting Cyber Attacks” with CyberRes CTO Stephan Jou and PwC’s Umang Handa on Oct. 6
  • Oct. 5: Webinar CIAM Done Right: An Engaging Roundtable Discussion Featuring Novacoast and CyberRes
  • Oct. 11: Joint Webinar with Cloud Security Alliance, Bangalore Chapter: Enabling Zero Trust for the Cloud
  • Oct. 12: Webinar Governance: A Roundtable on Governing Access to Applications and Data
  • Oct. 13-14: The IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk 2022 Conference in Austin, Texas, as a GOLD Sponsor
    • Speaking Session: “How Does Your Data Privacy Program Drive Innovation and Growth?” by Greg Clark, CyberRes Director, Product Management for File Analysis and Governance on Oct. 13
  • Oct. 18: Webinar Best Practices for Cyber Liability Insurance Renewals: A Roundtable Discussion with IDMWORKS and CyberRes

Now in its 19th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to build momentum and impact with the ultimate goal of providing everyone with the information they need to stay safer and more secure online. CyberRes is proud to support this far-reaching online safety awareness and education initiative which is co-led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Information about Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022 and how to participate in a wide variety of activities can be found at staysafeonline.org/cybersecurity-awareness-month/. The official hashtag is #BeCyberSmart.

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