Cyberoam strengthens its Next-Gen Firewalls offering; unveils three NGFWs for medium-large enterprises

CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP and CR2500iNG-XP to offer the best mix of performance, security, flexibility and price to this segment

image002February 24, 2014; Ahmedabad:

Cyberoam, a leading global network security appliances provider, today announced the launch of new Next-Gen Firewalls with FleXi-Ports: CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP and CR2500iNG-XP. These new models strengthen Cyberoam’s existing NGFW offering and aim to offer the best mix of security appliances to the medium-large enterprise segment. The segment has few options to consider when looking for high performance with the desired ROI.

Says Abhilash Sonwane, SVP-Cyberoam, “Medium-large enterprises (1000-6000 users) are many times forced to compromise on performance, security, flexibility or price. The new Cyberoam Next-Generation Firewalls address this gap by offering the best fit on all these parameters. ” CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP and CR2500iNG-XP appliances come with FleXi Ports that offer I/O slots for additional Copper 1G, Fiber 1G/10G ports on the same appliance, along with high performance and next-generation security features to medium-large enterprises. Adds Sonwane, “FleXi Ports lower initial costs by offering the flexibility to add desired network interface modules as and when required, at the same time protecting investment in the future.”xp-stack-5

Cyberoam NGFW come with Layer 8 Identity-based technology for actionable intelligence and controls that offer complete security controls over L2-L8 for future-ready security in enterprises. Cyberoam’s Next-Generation Firewall protection is EAL4+ certified and offers Layer 8 Identity-based security, application visibility & controls, Intrusion Prevention System, website filtering, HTTPS inspection, VPN (IPSec and SSL) and granular bandwidth controls. Additional security features like Web Application Firewall, Gateway Anti-Virus, Gateway Anti-Spam, and more, are also available. Moreover, Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture helps enterprises tackle unknown threats of the future by offering the agility to prolong the life and performance of its NGFW appliances to support newer enterprise security features and enhancements.33

Feature highlights:

High performance – Up to 60 Gbps firewall throughputs; up to 8 Gbps NGFW throughputs

Flexible Connectivity options – Multiple I/O slots for Copper 1G, Fiber 1G/10G FleXi Ports modules

Multiple deployment scenarios – allowing configuration as high performance Firewall /VPN /IPS /WAF, NGFW, UTM or Proxy

Centrally manageable using Cyberoam Central Console; Centralized reporting with Cyberoam iView, for distributed Enterprises.









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