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Cyber-security should be given utmost importance in current situation.

The current pandemic situation has forced the organizations to completely rethink their business models, working procedures and policies maintaining the norms of social distancing to ensure a secure and sound environment for the employees to work. This has made the system highly vulnerable to the cyber-criminals. Since the number of cases are spiking like anything, the lockdown and other restrictions have been increased. The organizations have no option but to reduce their workforce and team size. Mostly all the organizations are following a work from home strategy making the network and data more and more vulnerable to attacks. The data is being accessed from different public and private networks which are not properly secured.  All the organizations have not taken up proper cyber security steps in case of an attack as a result the threat is rising continously.
Right Data Protection Strategy to ensure Business Continuity
According to cybersecurity researcher, Cybersecurity Ventures, the global ransomware damage costs will be around $20 billion by 2021 – which is multiple times more than it was in 2015.  Ransomware is the fastest growing cybercrime that organisations must secure themselves from.
In case of ransomware there is assurance that the lost data can be retrieved. Due to this increasing threat organizations must have something more than farewell and antivirus software to ensure that the data is safe ans ecured and also that the organization doesn’t suffer any downtime. It is very important that the organizations use the correct tools and technologies to ensure protection of bones. There should be a detailed business continuity plan mainly addressing how to enhance the protection of data.
Multi-Pronged Data Protection Strategy
The organizations should have a multi-layered data protection strategy that ensures data protection and recovery for every type of workload. The organisations should have a proper Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) which not only will protect the network and help in prevention of the attack but will also ensure that the data is recovered.
It is also important for the organization to monitor whether the solutions taken up are strong enough to provide protection against ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters.