Criteo: Redefining Shopper Habits and Expectations Post Covid-19.

Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), is an advertising platform for the open Internet. It released a survey titled ‘Peak To Recovery: Social distancing has redefined shopper habits and expectations for the long term’ which will focus on the changes in shopping habits and the change in customer expectations during the Covid-19.Du to the current lockdown situation, a change in consumer behavior and lifestyle is inevitable.

Reports suggest that 32% of respondents have bought groceries online during this crisis and only a small number of 16% of respondents ordered food online.

The survey also revealed what people would mot likely do post the pandemic crisis. Like a 61% of boomers & silent respondents will prefer working from home and about 50% of them will continue watching content on OTT platforms.

The report also stated that around 51% of respondents have started exercising while staying at home and 45% of Indians have gained weight.

Taranjeet Singh, Managing Director for Southeast Asia and India, Criteo said that with the new survey report Criteo wants to help the marketer, retailers and business organization understand the changing trends and change in lifestyle due to the pandemic crisis. With the help of the reports they can adopt new strategies and policies which will help them boost their performance.


As the festive season approaches majority of the Indians will be gifting through the e-commerce sites. Reports suggest that nearly 35% of respondents will purchase the gifts online and directly send to the recipient.

 51% of shoppers will prefer groceries and 50% of shoppers will reduce their purchase of alcohol and spirits in stores, 57% of shoppers will buy more of groceries and 47% of shoppers will buy less of alcohol and spirits online.

The survey tells that the major attraction towards an e-commerce website is ‘FastDelivery’ and ‘an overall satisfactory shopping experience’ .