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Cowboy E-Bikes Now with Built-in Google Maps

Cowboy's new GPS facility in E-bikes
Cowboy the electric bike manufacturer adds GPS to e-bikes

Cowboy, the renowned electric bike manufacturer, has recently unveiled an exciting new feature for its e-bikes. In a move that aims to enhance the urban riding experience, Cowboy has integrated Google Maps directly into their e-bike models. With this groundbreaking update, riders can now enjoy seamless navigation right from their handlebars. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative integration and explore how it will transform urban commuting.

Improved map navigation was the most requested update from within the Cowboy community.

Cowboy co-founder and CTO Tanguy Goretti told The Verge in an interview on Thursday, in the event of Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam yesterday.

Goretti reveals that the app is extensively utilized by Cowboy owners, with an impressive 45 percent of them regularly attaching their phones to the integrated wireless charging pad on the company’s exceptional 4-series e-bikes. This latest integration eliminates the need for riders to constantly toggle between the Cowboy dashboard and the standalone Google Maps app.

The recently updated app, now ready for download, showcases various functionalities such as speed, battery life, and calories burned seamlessly integrated into Google’s recognizable Maps interface. According to Goretti, this release represents only the initial phase of the Cowboy x Google collaboration, with a series of groundbreaking “industry-first features” developed in conjunction with Google Maps set to be unveiled in the upcoming fall.

Cowboy takes pride in touting itself as the manufacturer of the “most connected e-bike” in the world. While this claim may be difficult to quantify objectively, it serves as effective marketing. However, it is worth noting that the company has a commendable track record of consistently delivering over-the-air enhancements to its owners.

As Cowboy continues to innovate, we eagerly anticipate the future enhancements that will make urban commuting more enjoyable, eco-friendly, and hassle-free than ever before. Cowboy’s decision to integrate Google Maps directly into their e-bikes marks a significant milestone in the e-bike industry.

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