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COMPTIA Certbolt A+ Test: Get High Scores with Practice Tests

COMPTIA Certbolt A+ Test: Get High Scores with Practice Tests
COMPTIA Certbolt A+ Test: Get High Scores with Practice Tests

If you are planning a career in the military, you should learn more about the COMPTIA A+ exam. This test helps you determine where you best fit in this area. If you are considering this option and would like to know more about it, then this post is just for you.

Exploring essential information about COMPTIA A+

The A+ Practice Test stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery and it is among the most popular and widely used multiple-aptitude test batteries.It measures your strengths and weaknesses as well as potential future success. The exam also provides you with vital career information for various military and civilian occupations and is also an indicator for success, especially in feature endeavors whether you opt for a vocational school, college, or military career.

There are three distinct versions of this test: Student COMPTIA A+, MET-site COMPTIA A+, and CAT-COMPTIA A+. Each option has its own feature. Thus, the first one is perfect for the career exploration of the high school or college students. The second one is used for the enlistment and it is on the Mobile Examination Test website. And, the third version is a computer adaptive test that is taken by many potential military recruits.

Getting high scores in COMPTIA A+

Your A+ Practice Test score can be very critical. The maximum possible mark that you can get is 99 points and the minimum, which you should get for the enlistment into the Army, has to be at least 31. There are various subjects that are covered in this exam, they include the following:

  • Word Knowledge;
  • Math Knowledge;
  • General Science;
  • Mechanical Comprehension;
  • Arithmetic Reasoning;
  • Assembling Objects;
  • Paragraph Comprehension;
  • Auto and Shop Information;
  • Electronics Information.

It is very important that you know what minimum scores are required in each section so that you may focus more on the areas that you may need some help. Acing one or two parts and failing another onecan limit the career paths that the recruiters will be considering for you.

Besides, the scores you get are important because they will determine your military occupation legibility or career field. And since the enlisted bonuses are ordinarily connected to your choice of occupations, this means that a better score opens doors to more and better opportunities.

Preparing for COMPTIA A+ with practice tests

Before you take the actual COMPTIA A+exam, you should study its details keenly and even take a formal course online or in any institution so that you can prepare for it. Another good way of preparing is using practice tests. Ensure that you are fully ready before attempting the COMPTIA A+. You can take this tool to find out what areas need to be worked on. It is also the most recommended option of learning the test-taking techniques and evaluating the skills you have.


One of the main purposes of the COMPTIA Certbolt A+ is to help the military and you personally find a career, which will be the most appropriate for your level of skill and knowledge. So, take this test today and stand a chance of diving into a career of your own choice in the military or elsewhere.

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