Coke Studio App Powered By Microsoft’s Cloud To Manage High Traffic

 Microsoft-Brings-Windows-Phone-8-s-Logo-in-Line-with-Windows-8-2Music is for the soul, not just for the ears! Microsoft India reflected the same thought when it announced the Coke Studio @MTV app developed by Winjit Technologies on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The developer expects traffic to increase twofold on the increasingly popular songs of Coke Studio. Music lovers can now experience the soulful music, seamlessly download videos and audio content from the app that is hosted on Microsoft’s public cloud, Windows Azure. The public cloud provides capabilities such as auto-scaling, smooth payment process for end consumers, on-demand billing and enterprise grade SLAs that help developers to host such world class apps. This app is free and available for download from the Windows Store ( and the Windows Phone Store ( 

Ashwin Kandoi, Co-founder, Winjit said “We have been hosting our backend infrastructure with various hosters and cloud service providers in the past. But, for the Coke Studio @MTV app, we really needed a robust, enterprise grade cloud platform as we expect extremely high usage for the app. Given the usage of the app across devices (Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and Android), we wanted to host the backend on a cloud platform that would support these devices and allow us to scale the infrastructure on-demand at an optimized cost. Windows Azure proved to be the perfect fit here.

Srikanth Karnakota, Director, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft said “Windows Azure enables CokeStudio @MTV scale dynamically based on user traffic, and provide a seamless experience for their end users across multiple devices. It is amazing to note that it took only three weeks for Winjit Technologies team to build and deploy the app on Windows Azure. Further, apps like these have high and low traffic waves hitting them and Windows Azure which offers pay-as-you-go model where the charges are not by a day or by an hour but by a MINUTE really help in saving costs.

Winjit Technologies is also hosting other marquee apps on Windows Azure such as A. R Rahman app that has witnessed over 30, 00,000 downloads across all mobile platforms and receives an average of 30,000 hits on a daily basis. This smooth experience has made Winjit Technologies’ choice much easier. This is Coke Studio’s third season in India, and the app consolidates the content (music and video) from all the three seasons into one app. In the first two seasons of Coke studio the app witnessed about 100,000 and 300,000 downloads respectively. This season is expected to see a higher flow of traffic and downloads where Windows Azure will play a critical role in scalability.