Class21A unveils doubtnut

An innovative application for free customized learning solutions for K12 students

Class 21A, a premier coaching institute, takes pride in launching a Logo (1)distinctive application termed “doubtnut”. This innovative application aims to help school students to clear their doubts in Mathematics and Science and assist them in solving individual doubts through detailed video tutorials at no cost.

Class21A has been offering quality tutorial classes in Gurgaon catering to the requirement of quality education for school students. The idea behind the application is to solve doubts that a student might have while studying. ‘doubtnut’ endeavors to offer quality learning to students and bestow significant help to students deprived of quality education. The application will impart customized solutions to students who need specific help.

The Android App enables learners to click a picture of a question or concept in Mathematics or Science and upload it through the app. They can also send text messages about any problem they are facing. Quality experts will design short and engaging videos to clarify these doubts and share it within a short time via the app offering quick help to students on their individual problems. Students can also ask for more videos if they need further clarification on any concept. Class21A endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional teaching and learning by offering IT enabled solutions from subject experts.

Speaking about the app, Founder & CEO of Class 21A, Mr Aditya Shankar, said, “In near future we want to use the repository of videos that we shall prepare using this app to create a robust content sharing platform with an added layer of personal online tutoring. Traditionally students have to buy a whole bundle of courses whereas we want it to be modular so that the financial burden is less and students get exactly what they want, no more no less.”