January 19, 2021

LG Announces Its Music Flow Family Of Speakers With Google Cast Support

LG has announced the launch of its Music Flow family of LG_Music_Flowspeakers and sound bars in the United States. These are among the first devices from LG that support Google Cast. It was only a few months ago when Google announced an audio-only version of “Cast,” which lets users stream music directly to connected speaker systems. Google Cast can be used to stream music to these LG speakers using any Android phone or tablet, iOS device, Mac or Windows PC as well as Chromebooks.

LG’s Music Flow products include speakers of various sizes, as well as sound bars that can be integrated with a home theater setup. The seven new speakers include the Wi-Fi Speakers H7, H5, and H3 as well as the Wi-Fi Sound Bars HS9, HS7, and HS6. These six will be available starting this month.

The speakers also have support for Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, so if Google cast is not your cup of tea you can use those options as well to stream music from your device.

LG is also unveiling its first battery-powered Portable Wi-Fi speaker, the H4 Portable, which will debut in May. As music is sent from the cloud, not mirrored from the mobile device, Google Cast ensures that other phone operations such as incoming calls or text messages do not disrupt the playback.

The LG Music Flow series is available from some of the major retailers in the country, including but not limited to Best Buy, Amazon and even the Google Play Store.