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Cisco developing Webex collaboration app for Audi vehicles

US-based telecommunications equipment manufacturer Cisco has announced its plans to introduce the Webex collaboration app in certain Audi car models manufactured in 2024. To develop this app, Cisco has partnered with CARIAD, a software company under Volkswagen Group, and Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung. The collaboration aims to provide users with flexible and seamless ways to work, as the modern work environment extends beyond a single space or device.

The Webex app will be accessible through the in-vehicle Audi App Store, which is being developed by CARIAD and Harman. Initially, the platform will be available for select Audi vehicles, with the potential for other Volkswagen Group brands to adopt it in the future.

Cisco has confirmed that the in-vehicle app store will be launched in new Audi production models by July 2023. This includes popular Audi models such as A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, A8, Q8 e-tron, and e-tron GT. The app store will be available in several markets, including Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico, and other overseas markets.

How the Webex App for Audi Cars Works:

The Webex app designed for Audi cars offers a user-friendly setup process that doesn’t require a smartphone. Customers can easily install and configure the app directly on their Audi vehicle. Notably, the app includes safety features to ensure a seamless experience while driving. For instance, when the vehicle is in motion, an audio-only mode is activated to minimize distractions and promote safe driving.

When the Audi is parked, drivers can fully engage in the immersive collaboration experience provided by Webex. This allows users to access various features such as viewing meeting participants, shared content, and closed captioning. The app leverages artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements to improve audio quality, including noise removal and voice optimization.

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