February 28, 2021

Cisco announces 40GbE Nexus switches, Cisco One

The new products range from Nexus 6000 Series Switches, to Nexus 1000V InterCloud and to Open Network Environment (ONE) portfolio


BANGALORE, INDIA: Cisco introduced a range of new products across its data center and cloud portfolio. The new products range from Nexus 6000 Series Switches, its 40 Gigabit Layer2/Layer 3 fixed switch, to Nexus 1000V InterCloud; for connecting private enterprise and service provider clouds, to Open Network Environment (ONE) portfolio; a key element in Cisco’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture.

Cisco announced two new switches under its Nexus 6000 series, Nexus 6004 and Nexus 6001, which are capable of Ethernet and Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and 1-microsecond latency across all ports.

The Nexus 6004 can provide density up to 96 ports of line rate 40GE (384 ports of line rate 10GE) in a compact 4 RU (rack unit) form factor; while Nexus 6001 can offer line rate 48 ports of GE/10GE fixed ports with 4 ports of 40GE (or 16 ports of 10GE) uplinks in 1 RU form factor.

These switches bring 10GE/40GE density in a fixed form factor, and offer network visibility and programmability and run Cisco NX-OS with integrated layer 2 and 3 feature set. They are meant for high performance access, leaf/spine architectures, compact aggregation, or high-density FEX aggregation deployment options for building a scalable Cisco Unified Fabric, says a release.

Cisco also added services modules to its Nexus 7000 Series, and 40-gigabit uplink extensions to its Nexus 5000 and 2000 product lines. With these extensions, Cisco’s Unified Fabric portfolio now delivers 40-gigabit solution meant for virtual and cloud deployments of converged networks with 10G and 40G FCoE support.

Cisco also introduced new Nexus 7000 Series Network Analysis Module (NAM), its data center switch, which brings application awareness and performance analytics to its Nexus 7000 switch.

The new Nexus 5500 40GE module provides customer with the option of deploying 40GE uplinks in their existing Nexus 5500 to reduce over-subscription, while the new Nexus 2248PQ switch provides a 10GE top-of-rack fabric extender with 40GE uplinks.

Cisco has also developed a new technology in its Nexus 1000V distributed virtual switch that allows enterprise workloads to be placed in service provider clouds, through a single point of management without compromising on security, the release adds.

The new Nexus 1000V InterCloud orchestrates hybrid cloud environments by extending corporate enterprise environments into the provider cloud. The Nexus 1000V InterCloud preserves existing networking capabilities and L4-7 services while bringing manageability of the enterprise into the provider cloud, the release adds.

Cisco’s new Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC) InterCloud offers new capabilities including a single policy point for network services across both enterprise and provider domains; the ability to manage virtual machine lifecycle across multiple hypervisors in hybrid clouds; and the ability to manage multiple provider clouds via APIs.