March 3, 2021

CIO Strategy Exchange selects ArrayShield for global product showcase

CIO Strategy Exchange provides ArrayShield an opportunity to present itself at a Global Platform on 26th and 27th February, 2013. The event will be held in iGate Premises, Bangalore.


CHENNAI/BANGALORE, India- Feb 18, 2013

ArrayShield, the provider of innovative pattern based two factor authentication products, has announced today that it has been selected as one of the top 8 #MadeInIndia Product Companies by CIO Strategy Exchange (CIOSE) for product showcase. ArrayShield has been given a chance to present themselves at a global platform on 26th and 27th of February 2013 at iGate premises, Bangalore. ArrayShield will grab this opportunity and present to Ernest M. Von Simson, Director of CIOSE on its more popular IDAS Two factor Authentication.

ArrayShield’s innovative two factor authentication has been selected among many applications after several rigorous rounds of screening by CIOSE. ArrayShield addresses the growing threat to enterprises from advanced malware/Trojan based attacks that steal the credentials and attack the enterprise in the real time. Globally, Two Factor Authentication is now being considered as a must have much like anti-virus or firewalls for the enterprises. ArrayShield is uniquely positioned to capture the 2Bn$ global market that is growing at 30% CAGR.

CIOSE received applications from early stage technology start-ups to those who have spent few years in the industry, with exciting ideas across Big Data, social networking, Analytics, healthcare, education, mobile applications, security, etc. Ernest M. Von Simson, Director reviewed applications that were submitted and chose 8 companies who will be showcasing the products, when he is here in Bangalore.

CIOSE, CIO Strategy Exchange, is a small and highly selective multi-sponsor program for chief information officers from the most forward-looking companies. Through its two 25 person sections, CIOSE members stay informed about current trends and forefront achievements in technology, best practices and business trends. CIOSE meetings include a range of guests, starting with top executives of major industry firms. Steve Ballmer, John Chambers, Michael Dell, Ginni Rometty, Sheryl Sandberg, Joe Tucci and Meg Whitman have all participated, usually repeatedly. But intimacy and membership caliber are the differentiators, permitting frank dialogue on issues of mutual interest. Also critical are the CEOs of strongly emerging start-ups who provide an unmatched perspective on promising areas of IT innovation.

Pavan Thatha, CEO at ArrayShield commented, “It is a very big opportunity for us. It will give us platform to showcase our products at the global platform and expand our reach to a wider CIO base in US.”

The other selected companies are Kreeo, Cloudpact, OrangeSpace, i7 Networks, C2il, Anoosmar and FieldEZ.

It is a very big opportunity for us. It will give us platform to showcase our products at the global platform and expand our reach to a wider CIO base in US.


875  Pavan Thatha