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Chrome Asia Hospitality & Trijog – India’s leading mental health care provider Join Hands To Celebrate Pride Month

In an one of its kind association, Chrome Asia Hospitality has joined hands with India’s leading mental health care provider – Trijog to celebrate Pride month. As a part of this initiative, Chrome Asia Hospitality & Trijog have co-curated a menu to honor and promote inclusivity across its restaurants.

The hospitality sector is among the top employers of human capital in India. However the LGBTQIA+ representation is yet to reach its maximum potential. In an attempt to make one of India’s largest employment sectors inclusive, Chrome Hospitality and Trijog have taken the first step towards their larger vision of creating spaces and workplaces that celebrate diversity and evoke a sense of belonging amongst everyone. 

Talking about this association, Nikita Shahri, Co-founder, Chrome Asia Hospitality, said, “At Chrome Asia Hospitality, we keep inclusivity at our core. As a new age company, we want to encourage employment opportunities without any gender biases. It is our long-term vision to not only curate restaurants that honor and celebrate PRIDE everyday but also to implement workplace and mental healthcare policies that inspire players across sectors. Trijog and Arushi have played an integral role in shaping up inclusivity as a second nature for many, we are happy to kickstart our association with Trijog and honor PRIDE month through our specially curated menu”

Adding on, Arushi Sethi Shah, Co-founder, Trijog, said, “At Trijog, we are committed to working towards normalizing inclusivity. Safe spaces should be created by all of us together and the hospitality industry has always mirrored what a good time looks and feels like. The same was this year, we collaborated with Chrome hospitality to bring inclusivity, love, diversity and inclusiveness in our food, our thought, our physical spaces and through that work towards our vision and commitment of making India more inclusive in every way. With Trijog and Chrome Asia Hospitality coming together, we look forward to you feeling home, being & celebrating you for you. Today and everyday.”

The specially curated PRIDE menu will be available across all Chrome Asia Hospitality including Donna Deli, Shy!, Demy & EVE. 

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