August 6, 2020

Chifro Studios launches new knowledge booster App for all ages

Every other day, someone in general comes across news about mobile apps that help kids in improving their general knowledge. But these apps cater to specific target audiences only.
download (1)Chifro Studios, a mobile-application development company founded in 2012, has brought forth its new trivia app Chifro QuizOHolic Lite as a general knowledge booster not for one person alone but for the whole family.
It’s not just another quiz app with categorized quizzes!
As mentioned earlier, the application is useful for the whole family. Some examples are given below.
A guy enriches his knowledge about logos by playing quizzes about them.

His wife spends time in solving quizzes on media and entertainment – she gets to know fantastic facts and information about the Media and Entertainment industry.

His son improves his analytical abilities and calculating skills by solving math-based quizzes quickly and correctly.

His brother, a budding fashion designer, stays up-to-date about fashion weeks, falls etc. and learn the bygone days as well – again by playing quizzes but on fashion.

Note: Not all families will prefer the categories mentioned here, but they are bound to find their favorite categories out of the ones present.

It presents knowledge through gaming!
This app uses game-based learning not only to present a bounty of general knowledge but also to increase analytical skills as well.
It’s a wonderful symbiosis of quizzes and social-media – Hard to resist!
This is because it contains a fantastic game-play which lets one attempt quizzes, rack-up top scores and spread the word about the victories won from those quizzes. Quizzers are also given real-time challenges in the form of contests – which can range from anything right from getting the highest score for a definite period of time (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and annually) to ones that allows players to take part whenever they want to – they can start anytime and end anytime.
Furthermore, the application as a whole is a knowledge storehouse with something to learn from each and every single quiz. For example, one quiz from the History category talks about 1908 being the year in which Austria annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina and another quiz from the Tours & Travels category informs that Freeport is the place to go from Boston for visiting artist colonies.
It has gone viral!
Any digital marketing expert will agree that the downturn in the usage of an app signals to the fact that the app has gone viral. Moreover, this is highly prominent when the time scale for this downturn is not more than a couple of weeks.
It has gone global for all!
The target market of Chifro Studios catered to kids only but with the launch of this trivia-app, it has re-molded its target market to include everyone in the world. And it has done so with panache!
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