August 11, 2020

CG To Supply 750,000 ZIV Smart Meters To GNF

Wednesday, June 11, 2014: Avantha Group Company CG’s Automation Business Unit has been awarded a significant contract for supply of 750,000 smart meters from the Spanish utility Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) and will be one of its main smart meter suppliers for the next two years. ZIV single phase smart meters will cover a large part of the demand for domestic meters from GNF. CG Automation will also be supplying nearly 20,000 three-phase meters and is now participating in a significant tender for DCUs (Data Concentrator Units). ZIV’s 4CTT model is nowadays the reference DCU in the market after becoming the first model certified by the PRIME alliance last year and having proven a robust performance onsite.
CG, after acquiring ZIV, is the key provider of smart meters and an important player in the global smart grid market where it offers ZIV meters, data concentrator units (DCU) and distribution automation solutions (DAS). After significant wins in Latin America and Europe CG is strongly pursuing a growth in the market by positioning ZIV´s smart grid solutions in several pilots worldwide. ZIV smart grid solutions have already gone beyond AMI. CG has broadened the coverage of its smart grid portfolio with an ambitious catalogue of Distribution Automation Solutions that range from LV supervision to MV automation, including Overhead MV Line Automation, Compact Secondary Substations and Micro-grid Management.

New distribution automation solutions, combined with the variety of communication technologies available nowadays will help grid operators to improve their operational processes, while suppliers, energy service companies and customers will also benefit from the availability of data and the possibility to manage aggregated load profiles.
Speaking about this contract GNF’s representatives have commented that “ZIV meters have proven to be robust and competitive over the past years. ZIV has played a key role in the development of smart metering technology. Such knowledge together with a clear customer service and satisfaction policy has helped GNF to meet its objectives in the past. We trust ZIV will continue to support us during the ambitious deployment we will be pursuing in the coming years.”
Speaking about this win, Avantha Group Company CG’s CEO and Managing Director, Laurent Demortier said: “As a global AMI provider, this win is very significant; we sincerely thank GNF. We are proud to be the main PRIME meter provider. In the coming years, legislative and regulatory incentives will be the key to promote Smart Grid Investments. CG will benefit from the smart grid market driving forces and foresees a very promising growing opportunity for the Automation BU.”

Source : Efytimes

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