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Capgemini to support Eneco’s sustainable energy transition and growth strategy

 Capgemini today announced that it has signed two new agreements with Eneco, a group of companies active in the field of renewable energy and innovation, energy trade and retail. As part of a 10-year agreement, Capgemini will support Eneco’s transition towards sustainable energy and help meet its ambition of becoming carbon-neutral by 2035.  Additionally, a 5-year agreement was signed to develop and implement a Digital Technology Platform.


The agreements will span service areas interfacing with and supporting Eneco’s digital technology platform, including cloud, data, integration, infrastructure, cybersecurity, customer experience, consulting and transformation services, as well as applied innovation and sustainability solutions. Capgemini and Eneco began their collaboration in 2008 and renewed it in 2018, to support Eneco’s digital and cloud transformation journey. The new agreements expand upon this strong and well-established partnership.

The 10-year agreement sets mutually defined long-term strategic goals – including joint go-to-markets and the creation of new, sustainable revenue streams, through the development of new services, business models and the application of connected products.

The 5-year global framework agreement focuses on implementing a secure and scalable Digital Technology Platform which will serve as the foundation for Eneco’s expansion in the Dutch, German and Belgian markets. It will also help to deliver immediate benefits for Eneco in the short-term – such as efficiency gains to drive down operational costs, through the application of AI and automation. In addition, Capgemini will be connecting its global ecosystem of partners and start-ups with Eneco, to help realize the benefits of a common digital platform.

Mario Suykerbuyk, CIO at Eneco
Mario Suykerbuyk, CIO at Eneco

“Our ambitious goal for 2035 is for us and our customers to become carbon neutral. This is achievable only through deep, industry-wide collaboration between customers, strategic partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders. To be able to scale, accelerate digital transformation and unlock the potential of new business models, connected products and services, we need a strong technology foundation and a partner that can bring the relevant and scalable capabilities and experience. Through our partnership with Capgemini, we have the right elements in place to enable this energy transition,” said Mario Suykerbuyk, CIO at Eneco.

Marjolein Holsboer, Energy and Utilities Leader at Capgemini
Marjolein Holsboer, Energy and Utilities Leader at Capgemini

“Founded on our strong existing relationship, we are happy to partner with Eneco in their journey towards a more sustainable future, which will be significant for both our companies. Capgemini is committed to working with Eneco to invest and co-innovate around data and technology, as well as bringing together our wider eco-systems to accelerate the energy transition – in line with the purpose and mission of both organizations,” said Marjolein Holsboer, Energy and Utilities Leader at Capgemini in the Netherlands.

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