Capgemini Research Institute ranked No.1 for the quality of its thought leadership for the sixth consecutive time

Capgemini Research Institute ranked No.1 for the quality of its thought leadership for the sixth consecutive time

Capgemini Research Institute ranked No.1 for the quality of its thought leadership for the sixth consecutive time

Capgemini today announced that the Capgemini Research Institute has been ranked No.1 for its top-quality thought leadership for the sixth consecutive time by the independent professional services research firm Source Global Research[2]. The study evaluated 20 leading consultancy and technology firms across various criteria, including differentiation, appeal, resilience, and prompting action. Capgemini was the only firm to feature in the top 3 for all criteria, and led the ranking for resilience. Two of Capgemini’s thought leadership pieces featured in the top 10 list of publications.

Source Global Research’s latest report, “Quality Ratings of Thought Leadership for the First Half of 2021”, recognized Capgemini for its ability to bring together large data sets and for its ability to prompt action through evidencing relevant credentials and offerings. Capgemini was recognized for the clear data visualizations, depth of research and clear description of methodology in its World Retail Banking Report 2021, and for the juxtaposition of consumer and banking survey information, which allowed it to provide useful and interesting insights. Capgemini’s report on the use of 5G and Edge in industrial operations was also praised by the analysts and highlighted as one of the top 10 publications amongst consultancy and technology firms.

The industry evaluation is based on data from White Space, a database built by Source Global Research, which analyzes and ranks consulting and technology firms’ thought leadership based on its one-of-a-kind assessment methodology.

Zoë Stumpf, Head of Thought Leadership, Source Global Research said, “We’d like to congratulate the Capgemini Research Institute for producing quality thought leadership reports, and for securing the top rank for the sixth time consecutively. This is the first time that any consultancy and technology firm has achieved this feat. There’s a lot to celebrate for Capgemini as two of their reports feature amongst the top ten thought leadership pieces. Their in-depth research and ability to provide actionable insights is commendable. We hope that Capgemini continues to ensure that their reports are based on well-rounded research, backed by robust analytics to ensure a data-driven and differentiated point of view.”

Jerome Buvat, Global Head of the Capgemini Research Institute said, “We are delighted to be recognized for the quality of our research reports. It further highlights our commitment to provide well-researched and intelligent insights to our clients, prospects and the industry in general. I am grateful to our worldwide network of experts, academic and technology partners who are vital in helping us deliver such high-quality research.”

The Capgemini Research Institute is the dedicated in-house think tank focused on exploring the evolution of trends of key industries and the impact of emerging technologies on businesses. The Institute works with a global ecosystem of internal and external experts to produce high-quality publications with sharp insights and analysis of digital technologies.

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