Canonical Intros Ubuntu Edge Smartphone That Dual-Boots Linux And Android

imagesCanonical is putting in all the effort required to make open source mobile operating system a norm in the modern day world. Its recently launched Ubuntu for phone was well received. Taking a step ahead, Canonical has introduced Ubuntu Edge smartphone, which runs on both Ubuntu and Android. Isn’t that interesting? Well, if you find it an appealing concept, help Canonical make it real with some finances.

Canonical is looking to raise funds on Indiegogo to make this project a success. The Ubuntu maker revealed the technical details of the device yesterday. The most interesting part of the deal is that Canonical is trying to raise $32 million in just 31 days of time. If that happens, it is going to be the biggest monetary target for a crowdfunding campaign ever. But, if it doesn’t happen, Canonical will shelve Ubuntua Edge and go ahead to make Ubuntu Touch only.

Canonical has said that the smartphone will run on Ubuntu Touch and Android. However, it has not clarified as to which version of Android will be used in the device. The 11.4-cm (4.5-inch) device will come packed 720p display, 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The display of the smartphone will be covered in pure sapphire crystal, which according to Canonical is “the hardest natural substance after diamond.” About the processor, the company has assured that it will be the ‘latest’ and the ‘fastest’.

Ubuntu Edge will offer 4G connectivity, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.0. To offer a full-fledged desktop experience, the device can be connected to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. However, one is unsure if Android will work in this mode. The Edge, as it is fondly called, is apparently a simple looking device with a power button at the top and a volume rocker on the side. The smartphone doesn’t have a home button, which should not be much of an issue as most of the navigation will be done with the touchscreen.