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BYJU’S to provide free-access to the wards of Maharashtra police officials.

In this current pandemic situation, BYJU’S, one of the top edtech company, has taken a great step for the betterment of the society. It is offering free learning experience to the children of Maharashtra Police personnel. The state continues to be the worst affected state with the policemen being the front-line workers ensuring a smooth lockdown and creating a proper awareness among the citizens. Children of over I lakh police officials in Maharashtra will be able to access the app for free and get lessons from top teachers, practise tests and interactive videos using the app sitting at home.

The officials will register using an online form and once registered they can download the app from the play store and start learning.

 Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, BYJU’S said that the police officials are the real covid warriors who have gone beyond their call of duty in the hour of need risking themselves to protect and safeguard the citizens. As a learning company they want to extend their full support to these warriors in this crisis by helping their children get proper and best education sitting at home. He further added that they would like to congratulate Dr K Venkatesham, Commissioner of Pune Police for integrating digital technology in all walks of like and letting BYJU’S come forward and help them. 

Dr. K Venkatesham, Pune Police Commissioner, said that online education is the only solution to battle the current crisis. It is very important to help the children continue their education while staying back at home and maintaining safety. Therefore, to cater to this need they have partnered with BYJU’S- The Learning App which provides seamless online education. This step will help over 1 Lakh children of the police officials who are doing the utmost to protect the nation, access the app and learn.

  BYJU’S also provided free learning experience to the wards of Delhi Police in the month of May. Due to COVID-19 crisis according to UNESCO report, education of over 1200 million students across 153 countries has been affected. The agency also suggested that online learning platforms can be the only solution in this pandemic situation. India has over 250 million school-going students, it is very important to ensure their health is protected while ensuring that their learning does not get interrupted.