January 23, 2021

BuyMyVoip.com Announced The Launch Of Its Operations In India

www.BuyMyVoip.com, a new age enterprise telecom products Devasia Kurian, CEO, BuyMyVoip.comportal, today, announced the launch of its operations in India. BuyMyVoip.com is first-of-its-kind, enterprise telecom equipment and solutions portal, featuring a wide range of competitively priced products, enabling customers to access and buy Asterisk based, open source telecom products online, apart from a wide range of brands & multivendor solutions. The online platform also provides a marketplace for 3rd party sellers, as it offers telecom product companies showcase their catalogue by leveraging site’s existing infrastructure and capabilities, offering customers an extensive choice of stock and brands at a single place.

The portals exclusive feature, allows telecom product companies to come together at an engaging platform and sell products through a common storefront. Such a marketplace delivers exceptional opportunities and benefits to all the vendors, as the buyer has flexibility to purchase multi-vendor products from a single web store. Supported by a strong delivery team, the portal assists customers in making a well- informed product choice along with a 24×7 online support.

“Online stores and market place models are gaining a substantial stake in both domestic and emerging markets. BuyMyVoip.com intends to be a one stop platform for all types of VoIP products, thereby completely satisfying the telecom needs for any future oriented enterprise,” said Mr. Devasia Kurian, CEO, BuyMyVoip.com. For buyers, the colossal advantage is that, they can look for their preferred vendor, select from a large pool of product line and best prices offered on products, he added.

With VoIP brands on board, BuyMyVoip.com is currently inviting sellers on its marketplace to list their products. To facilitate a hassle free transaction; the secure payment gateway supports maximum payment options and multiple currencies, while ensuring that every e-commerce transaction is secure and confidential, establishing a superior selling and buying experience.