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Buckle up for Articon 2023

On the lines of Articon 2019 in the city, once again Articon 2023 is going to be held at Hotel Holiday Inn on 30 March 23 from 10 am.

Under this program, there will be a brainstorming session for the MSME entrepreneurs that it is still difficult for them to run the industry. Such entrepreneurs still have to observe so many compliances even as of date . This has made their lives miserable. For this, brainstorming will take place under the leadership of Shri Ajay Data, present chairman of ASSOCHAM Rajasthan. Shri VK Sharma, Director of MSME will be there to represent MSME, as well as Direct Tax Advisor CA. Prakash Parwal, GST Advisor Shri Pankaj Ghiya, FORTI Chairman Shri Suresh Agarwal will also join the session.

On this occasion there will also be a bank loan related seminar in which Shri Animesh Ji Chauhan, former Managing Director, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Shri. Sushil Muhnot, former Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra, General Manager, Union Bank of India Shri. Vipan Singh and Financial Advisor, Shri. Anil Khandelwal, Care’s Senior Director Shri Deepak Prajapat and PE Advisor Shri. Sumit Dhadha, Mumbai based Advocate Shri Anubhav Khandelwal will throw light on the subject of Legal side in Banking. The session would weigh the increasing cost and complications in raising Bank finance.

Shri Sunil Goyal, former president of ICAI, will review the scope of work and future of CA profession. CA Shri Rajeev Sogani, Danish Hussain from E&Y and CICASA President Shri Anil Yadav will be present to express their views and will explore alternative sources of income and scope of work for CAs. Shri Kuldeep Gupta, former chairman of CA Jaipur branch will support.

Dr. Vibha Chaturvedi from CK Birla Hospital and Dr. Mukta Singhvi will be present to share the problems of late marriage and childlessness in women. Supreme Court Advocate Ms. Anukriti Pareek will also be present on the occasion who will throw light on legal aspects related to family matters. Advocate Smt. Nivedita Sarda will be MOC for this session.

The sudden increase in the number of heart attacks in the younger generation is a matter of concern. For this, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, a heart specialist in EHCC, will present his opinion and will give his views on the symptoms of heart attack, how to protect the heart and how to take precautions.

At the end of this, Dr. Anil Sharma will give a feeling of joy to the listeners with the ghazal of late Jagjit Singh Sahib.

This program which will run for about 12 hours is very important for MSME entrepreneurs, CA members and their families. Any member who wants to attend it can register himself at articulateds.in@gmail.

Mrs. Ritu Acharya will conduct the program.

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