Brillio Teams Up with Ciena’s Blue Planet Division to Develop Network Automation Suite

Brillio, a global digital technology consulting and solutions company, is partnering with Ciena to co-launch the Blue Planet Enterprise Automation Suite (BPE), which includes innovative SaaS-based network automation solutions to help enterprise IT teams achieve operational simplicity, greater visibility, and patent-pending AIOps-driven control over their multi-vendor networks.

Blue Planet and Brillio will co-invest in bringing the new Network Automation Suite to the enterprise market. The partnership combines the strategic advantages of both firms, with Blue Planet leveraging its software portfolio and extensive track record in the service provider market, and Brillio bringing to the table its domain expertise in product design and engineering, as well as deep and diversified experience in the enterprise market. Brillio recently launched a Brillio-branded BPE microsite designed to establish market awareness and help Brillio customers and prospects to learn more about the new automation suite.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with Blue Planet as we co-develop and launch disruptive enterprise solutions that will spur greater innovation and together helps us address the large and growing enterprise networking automation market,” said Raj Mamodia, CEO of Brillio. “Our relationship with Blue Planet clearly demonstrates our key capabilities and leadership across Product Development (UX/UI), SaaS, and Network Automation. Together, we look forward to launching innovative cloud and network automation solutions to help businesses accelerate and scale their digital transformation initiatives.”

“Our partnership with Brillio underscores our shared commitment to help enterprises digitally transform their businesses and unlock new revenue opportunities,” said Rick Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Blue Planet, a division of Ciena. “We are combining Blue Planet’s heritage in Intelligent Network Automation with Brillio’s leadership in digital transformation to create open, software-driven network architectures. Brillio will continue to be a key partner as we accelerate our initiatives in DevOps, SaaS platform offerings, and R&D investments.”

Today’s enterprise IT organizations face a challenging landscape, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations need to manage multiple layers of network complexity, consisting of hundreds of edge sites, thousands of physical and virtual devices from multiple vendors, and tens of thousands of end-users and connected endpoints.

According to Gartner®, “approximately 70% of network configuration activities (i.e., changes and associated pre- and post-change activities) are manually-driven*.” Where previous operations were reactive and slow to change, a post-pandemic era has only accelerated the need for a more proactive and preemptive automated operations approach that allows for rapid change management and easy, reliable troubleshooting.

With the launch of BPE, Blue Planet and Brillio are delivering a unique suite of enterprise network automation products built to overcome the challenges faced by IT teams that operate increasingly complex networking environments using fragmented tools and manually dependent processes. The turnkey BPE automation suite, made up of Dynamic Configuration and Change Management (DCCM) and Intelligent NetOps (INO), enables rapid network configuration and change management, while intelligently optimizing for maximum performance and output.

Enterprise organizations can reduce manual intervention and reactive efforts required of administration staff while evolving to predictive operations that allow for effective Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) with patent-pending ML technology and forward-looking actions. With BPE, organizations can also gain end-to-end visibility and control of their multi-vendor network to help maximize productivity of employees, partners, and customers. In the end, enterprises can minimize operating costs and harness a holistic view of their network with AIOps-driven automation that enables identification and remediation of network issues in real time.

The BPE solution suite combines fault and performance monitoring with a set of AI-assisted capabilities to simplify, speed-up and automate network visibility and control—essentially, providing an accurate diagnosis of the root problems stemming from the most likely cause for failure or slow-down, guided remediation and automation of configuration and change management designed to eliminate the first 80% of network problems from the outset. The BPE solution set is offered as SaaS-based services to simplify the evaluation, rollout and use of these capabilities.

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