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boAt launches ‘Nirvana 525ANC’ – World’s First Wireless Neckband Earbuds powered by Dolby Audio

Enhance your entertainment to an unprecedented degree and immerse yourself in unparalleled audio quality with the revolutionary wireless neckband by boAt – India’s No.1 audio and wearables brand. Introducing the Nirvana 525ANC, the world’s first flagship wireless neckband earbuds equipped with boAt Surround Sound powered by Dolby Audio®. This cutting-edge device not only boasts premium aesthetics and features but also elevates your stereo entertainment into a clear and natural experience

Setting new standards for premium neckbands within its segment, the Nirvana 525ANC goes above and beyond. It showcases the remarkable boAt Surround sound powered by Dolby Audio and uses 11mm High-fidelity dynamic drivers. This innovative technology enriches the depth and clarity of your movies, videos, and games, taking your audio experience to unprecedented heights. The sound becomes so authentic that it feels as though it is emanating from all directions, rather than being confined to your ears, immersing you in a truly lifelike auditory journey. Movies, TV shows, sports, music — the entertainment you love is even better when you hear it in Dolby Audio. Its crystal clarity, easy-to-hear dialogue, improved detail, and added dimensionality all come together to dial up the impact of your favorite scenes and events.

The boAt Nirvana 525ANC offers boAt’s Signature sound as a secondary EQ built-in device well for your enjoyment. By utilizing the boAt Hearables app, you can access and switch between different EQ Modes such as Natural, Movie, or boAt Signature sound, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment. In addition to the EQ Modes, the boAt’s Adaptive EQ, powered by Mimi through the boAt Hearables app, allows you to personalize your audio experience by creating a customized EQ profile that are specifically tailored to your individual ear sensitivity. This Adaptive EQ intelligently tests to create a tailored sound for your ears, effectively resolving issues that traditional or pre-set EQs often encounter. As a result, it provides a natural restoration of detail, richness, and contrast, while also safeguarding your ears and enabling you to listen with lifelike details even at lower volume levels. These premium audio features ensure that you can perceive all the intricate aspects and instruments with enhanced clarity, commonly referred to as “bringing back the details.” This leads to a more balanced and captivating overall sound experience, where speech and dialogues are rendered more intelligible without the necessity of increasing the volume or relying on subtitles.

The boAt Nirvana 525ANC is equipped with an exceptional Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation feature, offering an impressive noise reduction of up to 42dB+. This is achieved using four microphones – 2 Feedback and 2 Feedforward mics – working in tandem to effectively eliminate any undesired sounds and disruptions in your surroundings. Whether it’s the chatter in the office, traffic noise, buzzing on a flight, or various other disturbances, this advanced technology ensures that you can immerse yourself in your favorite audio content without any distractions, creating a tranquil personal listening experience regardless of your location.

The boAt Nirvana 525ANC offers a range of impressive features. It utilizes boAt’s exclusive ENX™ technology, combined with advanced AI algorithms, to minimize ambient noise actively and effectively. The earphones also come with an IPX5 water and sweat resistance rating, allowing you to use them in various environments. Additionally, they support dual pairing and feature Bluetooth v5.2 for seamless connectivity. The ASAP Charge functionality enables you to enjoy 10 hours of playback with just a 10-minute charge, and a full charge can be achieved in 40 minutes, providing a total battery life of 30 hours. Moreover, the neckband is constructed using premium materials, giving it an attractive metallic appearance and a sleek design.

On the partnership and launch Sameer Mehta, Co-founder, and CEO of boAt said, “boAt is a company with a clear vision, ambitious goals, and a highly skilled team dedicated to developing innovative hearable and wearable products. The team at boAt Labs is partnering with major international technology firms like Dolby to design and engineer next-generation products with an emphasis on improving audio and user experience. The collaboration with Dolby is evidence of our dedication to creating truly cutting-edge technologies in India for the global market.”

Commenting on the launch Karan Grover, Senior Director, Commercial Partnerships, IMEA, Dolby Laboratories, said “Nirvana 525ANC powered by Dolby Audio adds dimensionality & clarity to the audio experience. Instead of experiencing sound directly inside the ears, you’ll feel sound as if it’s outside your head, making listening more lifelike. By partnering with boAt, we are bringing a consistently pleasant & natural audio experience on neckbands with Dolby Audio for the first time in India”.

The boAt Nirvana 525ANC Neckband powered by Dolby Audio will be offered in three premium shades — Space Black, Celestial Blue, and Cosmic Grey, and will be available at a special launch price of INR 2,499. The neckbands will be available for purchase on boAt-lifestyle.com and Amazon.in, Flipkart and offline stores including Reliance Digital, Croma and Vijay Sales on 13th June 12 noon onwards. 

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