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Bluesky introduces additional safety features for content moderation

Bluesky, a social media platform supported by Jack Dorsey as an alternative to X, is enhancing its automated content moderation tools. The platform aims to identify and flag content violating community guidelines, with flagged content undergoing a review by Bluesky’s moderation team for final actions. The company plans to iterate on the tools to enable moderators to review offensive content, spam, etc., without users seeing it first. Bluesky will reintroduce the option for users to report their own posts if they believe content has been mislabeled, helping the moderation team rectify inaccurate labels. The platform will also introduce new functionalities like user lists and moderation lists for muting or blocking multiple accounts simultaneously.

Bluesky, similar to Twitter in appearance and features, calls its posts ‘skeets.’ However, its holding structure differs significantly, with the company held by the founding team. Last year, Bluesky tweeted about its ‘public benefit’ structure, emphasizing the freedom to allocate resources to its mission without returning money to shareholders. Bluesky’s funding is not subject to conditions except focusing on researching and developing technologies for open and decentralized networks.


Bluesky adds new safety tools to moderate content; know all about it | Tech  News
Bluesky adds new safety tools to moderate content; know all about it

The Bluesky project aims to create a single protocol or universal standard where existing social networks and software developers can build more customized offerings. The goal is to establish interoperability without a central authority, allowing Twitter to function as a client on this ‘platform of platforms.’ Bluesky CEO Jay Graber envisions it as a foundation for next-generation social apps, bringing back the openness and creativity of the early web. The platform’s community guidelines and moderation tools underscore its commitment to maintaining a positive and safe online environment.

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