BlackberryBlackBerry plans to roll out a fresh range of high-end smartphones, along with the new BBM app fit for desktops.

With massive competition in the electronics market, each device practically comes with at least five rivals. BlackBerry has always enjoyed the exclusivity of being ‘the smartphone for the organisation.’ But things changed with touchscreen devices capturing its corporate and government customer base. In an attempt to counter that, BlackBerry is all set to bring out a fresh range of BB’s high-end QWERTY smartphones, by 2015 (in the next 18 months).

According to a TOI report, John Chen, chief executive at BB said that the company’s engineers have designed at least three different new smartphones that are being “kicked around right now.” Chen said, “The focus is going to be very keyboard centric.” Considering that the company already launched the new Q20, at the Mobile World Congress 2014. The classic physical keyboard model has command keys like Menu, Back, Send, End and a trackpad. The BlackBerry Q20 is likely to reach the market by the end of this year.

Further, the company also plans to introduce BlackBerry Messenger in PC desktops. Chen said, “We are certainly going to take a very serious look at putting BBM on the desktop.”

To expand the BBM base, BlackBerry will soon be launching the service on the Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Nokia’s X platforms, as said by the company last month. Last year it opened the service to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

BB is in full swing to revive its profit margins. Chen said, “It is our plan to return to profitability at some point in fiscal 2016. We need to generate cash and make money on a consistent basis, and it’s got to come from our big installed base of enterprise and if we can do that, then we can branch out to do a lot of other stuff.”


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